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5 Important Stuffs to be Carried in Your Car

26 September, 2018

Image 5 Important Stuffs to be Carried in Your Car

One of the factors that encourage us to buy a car is the possibility or our habitual activity of travelling for long-distance, either for leisure or routine activities such as driving to work. Even though we are good at driving or even know the way, but still, there are some of us who do not understand engines or even do not know the important things that must be carried/at the ready to make the situation and conditions under control when any unfortunate situation happens along the way.

There are some unfortunate events that we certainly don’t hope for, like when the clouds suddenly turn grey and heavy rainfalls, or maybe an unexpected traffic jam locks us in hunger or thirst inside the car in the middle of a long queue of cars. Which is why we must always be prepared with essential stuffs that we may consider trivial. What are they? Come on, let’s follow some guidelines below.

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1.  Umbrella/poncho

Considering the natural condition of Indonesia which consists of only 2 seasons, namely rainy and dry, thus we must always be ready for an umbrella or poncho in the car. Especially following the hot issue of global warming, sometimes rain can occur suddenly. The umbrellas we prepare should be large under the probability that there might other people driving with us, hence the umbrella should protect 2—3 people at once rather than having to go back and forth, right? There are various types of a poncho, but it would be better if we had one made of tarpaulin for durability, because plastic is easily torn/ damaged with hole especially on the stitching.

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2.  Snack

This is no intention to encourage you to gain more weight, but we never know when hunger strikes during a long traffic jam and it becomes more frustrating because you forgot to spare some change to buy snacks, or even worse because no snack stall is visible along the way. Prepare some energy bars or light snacks such as biscuits and of course mineral water, but it is even better to have it in a plastic/steel bottle container so you can ensure the content is always fresh and also to keep us from using too much disposable plastic bottles. To maintain the environment, we discourage you from using disposable plastic bottles just to litter them carelessly.

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3. Flashlight

We never know when we will be stranded on a dark road due to minimum street lighting and we need to open the car hood. So, always put the flashlight in the glove box compartment—there are several compartments you can use in your Wuling car. Make sure the batteries are always removed to make them last longer so as to avoid the torch from sudden malfunction when we need it the most. Choose one equipped with an energy-efficient lamp to expect a longer lifetime, so as to prevent you from keep buying a new one because yours is easily broken. Even better if you buy a flashlight with a rechargeable battery.

4.  First aid box

Of course, the safety of passengers and drivers has been anticipated by Wuling through the installation of various safety features such as AVH, HHC, ABS, and so on. However, when a light accident is unavoidable, for example being scratched when you are outside the car or maybe you got your legs cramped while driving, you need immediate help. There are many unexpected things that might happen when driving a car.

Always prepare balms or hot ointments to treat your tense muscles, Betadine and bandages to treat your wounds, anti-nausea drug that may be needed by passengers you take for the trip with you. Even antiseptic mouthwash may be needed if you frequently spend the night at the office forgot to carry a toothbrush with you.

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5. Jack

You never know when you suddenly drive across a ‘mine-field’ that costs you flat tires. This happened to a friend, fortunately, at that time, she was about to enter the parking area of ​​a mall, so she didn’t need to worry about being stuck in the dark and safety was ensured. However, she would not be able to do anything if she did not prepare a jack and spare tire. So, always make sure these two items are available in your car and make sure you understand how to use a jack. With the help of a flashlight, even a leaky tire at night is no problem.

Always encourage your family to drive for a better life!

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