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5 Signs That You Have To Change a Car Tire

6 March, 2020

Image 5 Signs That You Have To Change a Car Tire

Just like your feet can hurt after walking a long distance, the same happens to your car tires. Farther the distance, the more worn out the tires can get. Unfortunately, it is often the case that drivers ignore this condition. If you keep using worn-out tires, though, you risk putting your car in danger due to the possibility of broken tires, thereby endangering the safety of the driver and passengers. It is best to know the following signs before getting your tires replaced in a repair shop

Thinning Tire Tread

Tire tread depth should not be below 1/16 inch in size, especially if you often drive on slippery and wet roads. The measurement of tire tread can be done using a tool, but you must know how to read it. An easy way is to ask a mechanic expert to assess the size of the tread before replacing the tires.

Tires Often Get Deflated

Car pressure also can be an indicator of whether the tires should be replaced. It is easy to notice as you just need to pay attention to how often you inflate the tires. For instance, if you just inflated air but, two days afterward the tires are deflated again, and this cycle repeats, you have to check them. Some cracks in the tires cause the air pressure to leak easily. You can ask a mechanic to check the tire conditions, so you can immediately replace them.

Tire Sidewall Is Cracking

Living in a high-temperature area affects the condition of the tire’s sidewall. Unfortunately, not everyone realized this issue. Cracked tire sidewall can be avoided by simply cleaning, and applying some fluids on it diligently. If the surface of the tire has a lot of cracks, you should immediately replace it to avoid any danger when driving. Noisy sound during driving

If you hear some noise while driving, this may be a sign that you need to replace your tires. The way to check it is easy; pay attention to whether there is a noise when you are passing through a smooth road. You also need to check whether there is any vibration when the car is passing through a smooth road. Both can be the signs that the tires have worn out or the tread is uneven. Therefore, it’s time for you to replace them.

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Tires Are Old

Mileage can be another reference for whether you need to replace the car tire. Although it has not been specifically mentioned, for the sake of security and safety on the road, a tire should have been replaced when it exceeds 40,000 km. If the fair use of the car is 15,000 km per year, then it is estimated that the tires must be replaced once every three years.

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