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5 Steps to Having a Clean Car and a Clean Mind

17 July, 2018

Image 5 Steps to Having a Clean Car and a Clean Mind

For many metropolitans, a good and comfortable car is an addition to living in a good and cosy house. For most part, this is due to the well-being of the interior condition of their houses and cars. Here comes the challenging question: how often do you clean your own?

Good thing if you hire a house assistant to clean the house, but when talking about cars, most people highly regard it as a private area that needs careful tending. People who lead a busy life often don’t keep track when to clean and maintain the interior condition of their cars and instead let somebody else doing it for them, i.e. car cleaning service.

It’s easy as 1, 2, 3—you just send it off to your trusted car-cleaning service to wash the exterior of the car and at the same time pay their service for cleaning the interior. Considering at times you would want to clean it yourself, you might have wondered what do you need to have to do it all yourself?


This rule should apply not only for everyone else riding with you, but also a strict rule you need to obey: DO NOT eat and smoke inside the car. This is very important because cookie crumbles might drop in the smallest crack of the upholstery. As for cigarettes, this can lead to a very uncomfortable smell that sticks to the ceiling, seat, pillows, tissue box—basically everywhere inside your car.

And it can stay quite long and can be extremely dangerous when you bring along other passengers with you, especially babies.As for drinks, this is still acceptable, because most cars are equipped with cup-holder. And you especially do not need to worry when owning a Wuling, because our cars are equipped with a good design and location to put your coffee cup while the car is on the move.

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Floor mat is always important—not just the material, but also the colour. Make sure the colour of your choice suits the colour of the seats, even with the exterior colour, so as to maintain the aesthetic side of this private area of yours. As for the materials, there are plenty of options, two of the most common ones are:

–       Fabric is the least expensive model available out there. It gets you comfortable when barefoot, but not actually a good option if you are mostly careless in obeying the above ground rule.

–       PVC coil is easily recognized by its noodle-shaped cushion. Depending on the brand and price, the best quality is odorless and anti-slip. It is even easy to clean—you just need to shake the dirt off. If the dirt happens to be tougher, just hose it down until it is clean, then let it dry for a few minutes before installing it back onto the floor of the car.


Do this first before you rub the car seats using special soap. The tiny crack might be impossible for your hands or cloth to reach, thus using a vacuum cleaner would be very much needed. Not only for the seats, you need to vacuum all areas of the car, including the floor before you insert the floor mats back to their place.


It’s fine if you’d like to make your car exterior looks shiny, but you will need to do it in a safe and right way. Apply the specific kind of solution that will clean your car, depending on the area you wish to clean.

Use a clean cloth and a rubber glove to do the cleaning and don’t directly drop the chemical solution onto the car seats. You need to do this painstakingly to achieve great results. Remember, not just the car seats but you need to rub every surface and corners of the car.


Your view is critical when driving, hence the windows must be extra clean. Find a specific soap at your nearest hardware shop or mini market. Some might require you to mix it with a bucket of water, but you definitely need to use rubber gloves and synthetic cloth to wipe the windows clean. Last step and not many people know this, rip off a piece of newspaper for a final cleaning step and rub it against the window surface while it’s drying.

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