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3 Benefits of i-AMT

30 June, 2018

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i-AMT stands for Intelligent Automated Mechanical Transmission and is available on the WulingCortez 1.8 models. This may sound very technical however it’s actually quite simple. Firstly, most of us would already be aware that cars come with either a manual or automatic transmission. Cortez and other Wuling cars are already available with a manual, so is the i-AMT an automatic? This article will explain what and how the i-AMT works along with its benefits

What Is i-AMT and How Does It Work?

In a nutshell, this transmission is basically a manual transmission that has software or robot attached to it doing the gear changes for you. Where conventional automatics do not have clutches and were designed from the ground up as an automatic transmission, an i-AMT is a manual transmission with traditional clutches being controlled by a robot instead of your left foot on the clutch. Visual differences between an i-AMT and a conventional automatic are their gear positions. Where conventional automatics have PRNDL/PRND2L/PRNDS (+-), i-AMT has RND (+-) differing in the ‘P’ for Park position.

Driving an i-AMT transmission is essentially the same as driving a conventional automatic except for when parking. As conventional automatics have a park position, when parking on level ground you may simply put it in park and switch off the engine. In an i-AMT transmission, it does not have a park position. This means every time you are parking you must put the gear into N for neutral and always remember to put on the parking or e-brake to avoid the vehicle rolling unintentionally.

Benefit 1 – Maintenance & Cost

As an i-AMT is essentially a manual transmission, hence maintenance and cost are essentially the same as owning a manual vehicle, where it has been known to be cheaper than conventional automatics. The computer software or robot unit doing the gear changes is also a proven durable unit and requires low car maintenance. Overall when compared to conventional automatics, running costs are lower and maintenance work is simpler with the i-AMT.

Benefit 2 – Driving Comfort and Convenience

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Having your Wuling Cortez equipped with the i-AMT means simply putting it into drive and go. As most big Indonesian cities are becoming more and more congested, having to work a clutch in your vehicle is exhausting. The i-AMT in the Wuling Cortez was specifically designed to create smooth and seamless gear changes with no driver input while always optimizing fuel efficiency, especially when in eco mode.

Another hugely convenient benefit of the i-AMT in big congested cities is the ability to parallel park and leaving the vehicle in neutral, allowing parking attendants to move the vehicle out of the way of another vehicle that’s leaving a parking spot. However, when not parallel parking in front of other vehicles, always remember to put on the handbrake or e-brake before switching off and leaving the vehicle.

Benefit 3 – On-Demand Performance

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Wuling Cortez that is equipped with the i-AMT has two driving modes, eco for max fuel efficiency and sport. Putting your Cortez in sport mode allows you to demand your Cortez’s power when you want it. Sport mode changes the set u
p of the gear changes, allowing higher revs and a more aggressive gear change for a more sporty and engaging driving. This mode is best felt on long toll road drives or steep and winding mountain roads.

For even more on-demand performance, the Cortez’s i-AMT allows you to shift the gears yourself by putting into the S (+/-) position. It is worthy to note that not every conventional automatic provides you with this option or feature to shift the gears yourself. This feature is a must try when driving on steep mountain roads to get the most performance out of your WulingCortez.

In Summary

The i-AMT in the Wuling Cortez is a technical innovation, efficiently designed to give the driver optimal driving comfort and convenience without sacrificing the performance one might expect from a manual. If you live in a big congested city, this feature must be considered to have in your Cortez. The i-AMT is essentially the best of both worlds as it combines manual performance and durability with the convenience and comfort of an automatic. It suits every driving condition, and won’t break the bank in terms of running costs.

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