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Brake Fluid Maintenance, What Must Be Done?

3 March, 2021

Image Brake Fluid Maintenance, What Must Be Done?

Did you know that there is a misconception about “brake oil” in our society? It should be “Brake fluid” because it contains no “oil” in the fluid.

The maintenance of the brake fluid must be carefully taken care of because it is a crucial part of the vehicle. Not only the “hardware” (brake pad, disc brake, calipers, and others) but also the “software” (fluid) that must carefully maintain.

Brake Fluid Reservoir 

Brake Fluid Reservoir 

If you ever take notice, the brake fluid reservoir of the motorcycle is closed-shut because it may not be open and closed at will and add the brake fluid.

Why? The brake fluid reservoir must not be contaminated with high humidity air to avoid any water into the system for it may interfere with the optimum performance of the brakes. Please take note of the brake fluid specification of your vehicle, due to its different boiling point of the fluid.

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Change The Brake Fluid 

Change The Brake Fluid 

How to change the brake fluid car must be correct and precise, by circulation. You add the new fluid while disposing of the old fluid to avoid the system to be dry. Do regularly check the brake fluid reservoir by looking at the limit on the side and remember not to open the lid of the reservoir to avoid any contamination.

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To make it easier for you, bring your vehicle to the authorized dealer and you don’t have to ever think of changing yourself. At least, you know now more about brake fluid car maintenance.

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