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2 Type of Car Battery Options

19 February, 2018

Image 2 Type of Car Battery Options

Car battery is more commonly known as aki derived from the word accu (accumulator) which means to accumulate energy that will be absorbed and utilized by the car engine. At the earlier stage of car development, this technology was non-existent due to technological limitations at the time. Even to honk the horn cars were equipped with bells and headlights were gas-powered. It was not until 1971 batteries for cars began to see the light.

The types of battery grew into variations since then. Each automotive manufacturer allowed the car to be supplied with power from a dry or wet battery, depending on the needs of the owner/user of the vehicle. Additionally, there are batteries that are regarded as primary (disposable) and secondary (rechargeable). For those who are familiar with car engine and are automotive lovers may be familiar, but for Wuling Families who just started getting to know automotive, this will be a useful article to help you pick the right battery for your car.

As an introduction, wet batteries get their energy from liquid electrolyte, while the dry batteries get their energy from a paste/gel substance. Both of these substances work by immersing the battery cells in order to remain powerful. Yet each has its own advantages that the Wuling Families must understand from the price range, maintenance, and the one that suits your driving style.

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Conventional Battery

When first purchased, the battery will be dry, which then need to be filled with electrolyte fluid to soak the cell. Because of its liquid form, it is more likely for this electrolyte liquid to evaporate in certain condition; for example when the temperature goes high or due to the heat of the car engine. Understanding this condition, the car user must be extra diligent in checking the liquid level in the battery and measuring the upper and lower limit levels of the electrolyte fluid. If you need a battery for its durability and long-term usage, a wet battery is the right choice. However, be aware about the painstaking maintenance.


The MF batteries or maintenance-free is a term now proliferated among automotive lovers to call dry batteries – because of its nature that takes little maintenance than its predecessor, conventional sibling, the wet batteries. As mentioned above, this type of battery cell also needs to be soaked using a type of substance that help it charged with energy. Unlike liquid for the convention battery, the substance used for MF battery is a type of gel.

If Wuling Families often drive on uneven roads, giving rise to frequent and strong vibrations and shocks, then this MF battery is the right choice, because if the soaking substance is wet/liquid, it is more likely for the risk of chemical fluid spills occurring on the way. The life-time of MF battery depends on the remaining gel in it; generally this type of battery can last between a year to a year and a half, even two years without having to refill it with liquid.

So, if your car uses this MF battery type, you can use it until it is completely used up and disposable, and then to replace it with a new one. In terms of price it is more expensive, but more convenient with the lack of maintenance you have to do compared to conventional batteries (wet).

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In addition to the fact that now Wuling Families are provided with a new option in driving MPV through the presence of Cortez, the choice of the right battery to support your driving experience also now can be taken into consideration. Have a good Drive for a Better Life!

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