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Car Roof Rails: What Are They Actually For?

13 February, 2020

Image Car Roof Rails: What Are They Actually For?

The roof rails are common components mounted to a car roof. However, you may realize that not all cars have equipped with roof rails. They appear in the form of two sturdy crosswise metals on the roof of the car, often be seen on SUV or MPV cars.

Roof Rails Types  

There are at least two common types of roof rails. The first one resembles an inverted “C” letter. The rails’ legs are attached to the roof of the car while the rail itself forms an arc. This type typically has a few inches of distance between the car’s roof and the rail. The second type, on the other hand, is the flush-mounted roof rail, in which there is no gap between the roof and the rail, hence making them look attached.

Use of Roof Rails

Roof rails are not mere decoration because they actually do serve a purpose. Roof function as a buffer fence and can also be useful in securing your equipment or luggage that placed on the roof of the car. Have this installed lets you do not worry about overloading your car’s trunk as instead, you can store some of your equipment on the roof.

A car equipped with a roof rail is of great benefit to the driver, especially when you need to carry stuff on the roof. It provides a more robust holder for attaching equipment on the roof so that you don’t need to do it the old way with a rope.

Should You Buy It Yourself?

Some manufacturers install roof rails on some car types, for instance, the Wuling Confero S. However, not all cars have equipped with it. If you don’t have it installed on your car, you can look for one at a car accessory shop.

The good thing about purchasing a car that has already installed with a default roof rail is that you do not need to spend extra money. Moreover, the size of the roof rail also has been adjusted to the car’s size itself, so they fit perfectly, as is the case with the Wuling Confero S.

If you plan to get a roof rail for your car from a car accessory shop, there are a couple of things you should consider. You have to take attention to the size and type of roof rails before you make your choice. In addition to that, you may want to check the cost that must spend to install a roof rail. Also, keep in mind that not all cars can fit with a roof rail.

Installation of a roof rail indeed does help in times when you have to fully load your car, usually when you do long-distance travel. Thus, driving a car with a roof rail such as the Wuling Confero S would allow you to carry more loads apart from ones in the trunk.

The Wuling Confero S lets you put some loads on its roof without costing its safety factor. On another note, the Wuling Confero S has equipped with a bunch of other safety features, including ABS+EBD, Immobilizer, Seat Belt Indicator, Rear Parking Camera, Front and Rear Parking Sensor, Dual Front SRS Airbag, and Anti-Theft System.

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