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Car Shockbreaker Functions and How To Care for It

22 February, 2021

Image Car Shockbreaker Functions and How To Care for It

A shockbreaker is one of the car components that can provide comfort to a car. It has a different service life for each car, depending on how the car is used.

Especially if the car is often used on uneven roads, the shock breaker will be easily damaged and its life will be reduced. When the shockbreaker is damaged, your comfort during driving can be disturbed.

Shock breaker is one component that is often considered trivial and even often neglected to be treated, while in fact, its role is very important. At least there are several functions that a shockbreaker carries out in a car.

Shockbreaker Function on Cars

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The function of the shockbreaker in a car is to reduce shocks and to keep the car stable when there is a shock. With the shockbreaker, the car tires will be safe and the car body will not be shaken excessively. A shockbreaker on a car will reduce vibration when the peer moves up and down.

How Car Shockbreaker Works

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A car shockbreaker is usually applied close to the wheels or tires of a car that has been equipped with a peer. The purpose is to restrain the peer movement so that it can move more smoothly. When the car is running and passing on an uneven road, the car body part will automatically drop to be supported by the peer.

Automatically, the peer will come down slowly and the shock breaker will press the spring through gas or oil, depending on the shockbreaker used in the vehicle. With this component, the descending movement of the car body will not be excessive.

When the peer returns to its original position or bounces upwards, the shockbreaker will hold the spring and release it slowly, so the movement is smoother. The performance is very significant and the work is very heavy. The more often the car carries heavy loads, the less shockbreaker durability will be.

How To Care for A Car Shockbreaker

Cara Merawat Shockbreaker Kendaraan

Shockbreaker is also one of the components that need to be kept clean so that it can avoid various dust and dirt that stick to it. At least there are several ways you can do to care for shockbreaker.

Please jack the car with adequate equipment until the position of the tires looks floating. Make sure you see an iron rod from the car shockbreaker. We recommend that you buy a quality jack so that its performance can match.

You just have to clean the shockbreaker rod using clean water. It’s better to use water that comes out of a hose, so there it has a pushing movement. Cleaning the shock breaker with water needs to be done to prevent various dirt or dust from sticking to the shockbreaker.

Make sure that the sidelines of the shockbreaker are cleaned properly, so as not to cause the car’s seals and pistons to wear out quickly. In certain cars, shock breakers are usually equipped with a rubber cover to prevent dust or dirt from sticking.

If the shock breaker is equipped with a rubber cover, then you just need to clean the rubber regularly and need to replace the rubber if it’s damaged or torn.  When driving, always make sure to avoid potholes. If you are forced to pass through potholes, then you have to drive the car slowly.

When driving, don’t also carry loads that are too heavy and make sure not to carry more passengers than the car’s capacity, because it will damage the condition of the car. By paying attention to the weight of the load, the life of the shockbreaker will last longer.

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