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Comfortable Features for Mothers when Using Cortez CT

4 December, 2019

Image Comfortable Features for Mothers when Using Cortez CT

Various cars nowadays have been equipped with advanced features. The features are also taken into consideration before the car is bought in the first place. Not only men who consider cars’ features, but women, particularly mothers, have also begun to pay attention to pick a car with features suitable for their daily needs.

Active mothers with tons of activities seem to be very careful when picking a car that could support their activities with the features it carries. Those of you mothers who are looking for a convenient feature car might want to check out an option from Wuling, which if the Cortez CT.

This family car from Wuling has a series of features that make mothers comfortable when doing their duties. These features include Isofix, navigation system, rear parking camera, and also follow-me-home headlamp.



The Isofix feature embedded in Wuling Cortez CT makes it easy for mothers when they bring along their little ones to travel. With this feature, mothers don’t have to bother wrapping the seat belt to the baby’s seat, they simply just need to hook an iron from the baby’s seat to the car seat. The Isofix feature is an international standards system that allows the installation of child seats in car seats more easily and safely. Of course, this will be very helpful in reducing parents’ worry that children will fall while sitting in a baby chair while the mother is driving alone.

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Cortez Navigation

Cortez Navigation

The navigation feature equipped with Wuling Cortez CT helps mothers while driving. Especially for mothers who are not familiar with the road and have to quickly drive and pick up their child, this navigation feature easily helps them to reach their destination without worrying about getting lost on the way. This navigation feature in Wuling Cortez CT is embedded in an 8-inch entertainment system screen. The large screen also lets mothers see the navigation instructions more clearly.

Rear Parking Camera

Rear Parking Camera

When you are in a hurry driving your child, sometimes you don’t park properly by the predetermined line. To avoid this kind of situation, Wuling Cortez CT equips the car with the rear parking camera. The picture from the camera appears on the screen located in the middle of the dashboard, thus making it easy for mothers to park according to the predetermined rules and lines.

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Follow-Me-Home Headlamp

Follow Me Home Headlamp

Finally, the Follow-me-home Headlamp feature on Cortez CT types 1.5 L, which is a relatively novel feature for cars sold in Indonesia. This function is quite helpful for mothers when driving in the dark. When you arrive at your destination, but it’s dark outside, you don’t have to worry, thanks to this feature. When the car’s engine is turned off, the headlights stay on helping you open the fence and the door of your house within 5 minutes. So, no need to worry and get overwhelmed when opening a door even though your car’s engine is off.

So those are the features that make mothers safe and comfortable when driving a Wuling Cortez CT. Indeed, the comfort of this MVP car is guaranteed. It’s the time for super mothers to own a Wuling Cortez CT by following the Super Mom promo! There is a promotional offer with attractive prizes for each purchase of the Wuling Cortez CT. Check the details at Super Mom promo page.

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