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Count Your Calories and Your Driving Pace

8 June, 2018

Image Count Your Calories and Your Driving Pace

The holy Ramadan month is here. Before you know it you flip your eating and sleeping habit altogether. But, as adults you know it by heart on what to do and how to keep things in check during your fasting ritual, although sometimes you just can’t help but to ignore.

Keep Your Weight and Eat Healthy Food

We always expect our readers and customers to drive for a better life, hence we always hand out to you the best of advice to keep you up with the current situation.

  • First, get your imsak schedule right. You have to be sure that you have stopped eating a few minutes to the imsak.
  • Secondly, know your weight. When you know this, you know what to expect from fasting this year—whether to gain more weight or lose some in addition to staying healthy and improve your spiritual level. By fasting you are supposed to reduce your eating frequency and no matter how long you’ve been doing it you might still feel the urge to eat during the day, but don’t!
  • One way to support you while feeling hungry during the day is by consuming food within the right measurement of calorie, fat, and mineral during sahur (pre-dawn meal). You don’t want to eat too much, because you don’t want to feel bloated when working, and you don’t want to have too much hot & spicy food as it will disturb your digestion system and it will get exceptionally disturbing when you are driving around with your car. If you know what we mean

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Do A Balance Diet

A balanced diet during fasting would be to keep the amount of calorie within 700—it can be more or less, depending on your weight and depending whether you want to stay there or gain more or lose more. The right combination of 700 calories is a cheese sandwich, lettuce, meat, and your choice of dressing/sauce. Eat that with a glass of milk and a banana.

If you’d prefer an alternative, go with a bowl of chicken noodle, a glass of milk, and an apple—as they say, an apple a day keeps the doctor away. Of course you can customise your dietary content to suit your taste buds/digestion system; some people prefer taking soy milk as it is more nutritious or eating a plate of rice with some beef or chicken meat, but go easy on the coconut milk to prevent bloating.

Have Enough Sleep

Having the right amount of sleeping time will also help to keep your strength and state of being awaken during the day. Thank God if your job allows you to get off from work earlier than usual, that means you can get home faster and get enough rest between 5—8 hours a day.

When you’re deprived of sleeping, you may get tired and it is quite possible that you will be drowsy. When this happens, please don’t drive, especially by yourself. Take a friend along the ride, play some energic music, control your drama during this fasting period, that means no driving too fast to prevent yourself from crashing & getting angry with people on the road.

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One purpose of fasting is to keep your emotion level on the low and trust us, this will be good for your body and mind. Oh, and make sure you always check your car’s condition to prevent it from acting weird during your ride, especially when planning to go out of town for the homecoming period. Always stay safe and drive for a better life!

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