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Crumple Zone: What Are The Functions & How It Works On Cars

8 June, 2021

Image Crumple Zone: What Are The Functions & How It Works On Cars

The poor quality of the car does not cause cars that crumble easily but due to crumple zone technology or often referred to as the impact zone. Nowadays, many car owners don’t understand that the front part of the car is more easily crushed when a collision, however mild it is, occurs.

The following is a complete explanation of the crumple zone that is important to know.

Crumple Zone at a Glance

Sekilas Tentang Crumple Zone

Crumple Zone is a new structural safety feature that has been widely applied in various types of cars. The application of the crumple zone is to help absorb energy from the impact of a collision that controls deformation.

In general, deformation is a change that occurs in the shape or design of the car body. For example, changes arise from a smooth car shape to a ring set or wrinkled.

Crumple zones are usually placed at the front and back of a car. If placed at the front, the storage location is at the car’s front end and even up to the cabin space.

Crumple Zone Function

Fungsi Crumple Zone

The Crumple zone protects the cabin space so that it does not become easily damaged in a collision. In addition, the Crumple zone can help distribute and reduce energy in the event of an impact before the impact reaches the cabin space.

When a collision occurs, the front of the car will be cheaper to crumble or wrinkle to reduce the flow of kinetic energy during a collision. This will make the passengers in the cabin area safer from accidents. Energy dissipation will be done automatically and flexibly.

The concept of the crumple zone was first used or introduced by Béla Barényi, and its application was carried out on the Mercedes-Benz Fintail in 1959. The idea of the crumple zone was also applied to trains and most often to trains carrying passengers.

How It Works on Cars

Cara Kerjanya pada Mobil

Cars that have applied the crumple zone technology will have a higher level of safety because they can be damper in an accident. All hard impacts that occur will be accepted and will be absorbed in the crumple zone.

With the help of crumple zone technology, the passengers in the cabin will be safer. When an accident occurs, the outside of the car will look very damaged. Still, the car’s cabin will remain in good condition or intact.

The most common collisions are collisions with other vehicles, but crashes can also occur with permanent objects. For example, the car could have hit a power pole, the wall of a building, and others.

The point where the car crashes and is protected by the crumple zone will be curved. However, the shape will be damaged because it intends to stop the impact energy, which will keep the car safe.

Suppose your car is dented or rings when a collision occurs. In that case, you should not immediately think poorly of the car manufacturer. Now, almost all car manufacturers have implemented crumple zone technology to increase the safety of a car.

Accidents can happen to anyone and can happen anywhere. Hence, you have to be careful when driving and avoid unnecessary things when driving to prevent a bad accident.

There is the ADAS (Advanced Driver Assistance System) feature in WISE technology for you Almaz RS users. This feature helps the driver to drive in various conditions and, of course, increases safety and comfort.

Some of the ADAS features that play a very important role in your driving safety, including Intelligent Cruise Assistance (ICA) + Traffic Jam Assistance (TJA), Lane Departure Warning (LDW), Safe Distance Warning (SDW), Forward Collision Warning (FCW), Intelligent Head Beam Assistance (IHMA), Collision Mitigation System (CMS), Intelligent Hydraulic Braking Assistance (IHBA), Bend Cruise Assistance (BCA), Adaptive Cruise Control (ACC), Lane Keeping Assistance (LKA) and Automatic Emergency Braking (AEB).

We hope now you are fully informed of the crumple zone technology. Make sure you always drive carefully,ok!

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