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Footing, Transmission, and Fuel

14 February, 2018

Image Footing, Transmission, and Fuel

The majority of us know that there are two types of transmission gears, them being manual and automatic.  But, that doesn’t mean everyone can use the two transmissions. Youth nowadays are more accustomed to using automatic cars—normally referred to as matic—for its ease of control by only using one foot.

The traffic congestions that often occur in big cities such as Jakarta, Bandung, or Surabaya, have been causing fatigue for drivers for kicking the pedals with both feet on the clutch, gas, and brake one after the other simultaneously in the middle of the roadblock that could last 2 to 4 hours straight (depending on where you go). Those three pedals are only available in cars with manual transmission, while for automatics there are only gas and brake, hence controlling the drive by using only one foot is made possible.

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Two Type of Transmission

For you who love riding on automatic transmission may not know yet that there are a few kinds of automatic transmission; two of them are CVT (Continuously Variable Transmission) and AMT (Automated Manual Transmission). The main purpose is to free the driver from constantly stepping on the clutch and moving the gear stick, but there are some quite distinction when comparing the two.

On CVT, the main transmission activator is the steel pulley and belt to control the gear ratio shift and to adjust it with the spin of the engine. This transmission makes the jolt during gear shift smoother that you almost cannot feel it and this kind of transmission is usually more efficient in fuel consumption. While AMT is quite rare in Indonesia, hence they are less popular.

In literal, AMT means automated manual—clutch and gear stick control—transmission. In earlier time, when this transmission was first developed, Ferrari adopted it in 1988. This type of transmission is considerably less expensive compared to CVT, thus cars using this type of transmission tend to be more affordable in price range. About fuel, many say AMT is more efficient, but of course talking about fuel consumption doesn’t solely depend on the type of transmission, but also on the usage.

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Your Driving Style

Make sure your driving style is stable and refrained from speeding. The less you hit the gas pedal, thus the fuel consumed will be more efficient. Insufficient tire pressure affects the car to move with heavier momentum, thus will absorb more fuel. The heat on the engine will make it more excessively in absorbing the fuel—make sure you use the right lubricant and change it regularly.

Your window needs to also be plastered with tinted window film, so that the heat inside the cabin will not be excessive and to prevent your AC from working excessively which will cause the fuel to run out faster. Also, avoid parking in overheated spot and always use sunshield for your front shield.

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