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Fun Holiday Driving

14 February, 2018

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Staycation or holistay are two popular terminologies we hear more often these days. The basic meaning is on holiday but going nowhere. This is often conducted by executives who don’t have much time to fly to other countries for a holiday, so instead they decide to take a leave or make use of the public holiday to make it in town, usually by staying at unique hotels or online accommodation rentals.

Staycation seems to be a whole lot easier option, because there’s this anxiety in the minds of big town workers about the stacking jobs but in need of a holiday nonetheless. Or the reason is pretty simple; instead of spending millions of rupiah, simply find accommodation at the downtown or suburban area while still contactable by realtives and friends.

But, holistay is not always about staying at the hotel and being alone, everyone can do holistay by going to a museum, and spend hours enjoying the art to enrich their popular knowledge. Doing it at home is also an option or in your own bedroom and spending hours watching movies on your TV through online paid movies, such as Netflix or Hulu.

If you happen to have a lot of book collection or unread magazines due to excessive work at the office or at your university, this can also be a fun escapade; open your instagram and find new, interesting, and comfy coffee shops for you to be able to sit and relax while reading page by page of your book for the whole day.

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The main purpose is how to stay productive during your leave from work, but it’s not always for sleeping or shopping and spending money. Another chief reason is to free yourself from all the busy daily activities and routines at the university or at work. Because, when we are to bored in doing the regular, it will make us less productive and tend to make our work untidy and instead make us lazier.

But it would be a different story if you were an automotive lover or maintain at least one motor vehicle at home—be it a car or a motorcycle. Holiday can be a very valuable time to ‘play’ with your personal vehicle. You begin to think hard where you can travel with your car; a roadtrip to the area of Jatiluhur dam in Purwakarta might be an exciting holiday alternative and vacationing with some friends will make the journey be even more exciting.

Wherever you go, always remember that either far or nearby trips should be well planned and your car must be well prepared from both the engine and the interior. Follow these helpful steps:

  1. The day before leaving, make time to visit any Wuling authorized dealer to get a thorough inspection of the engine, tires, oil, batteries, steering wheel, and everything else to ensure your travel is safe and comfortable.
  2. Reconfirm to your buddies via WhatsApp group to prevent any of them from bailing out and eventually ruins everyone’s mood.
  3. Once you’re done doing a service at the dealer, start rearranging your car’s interior so that all the other participants may sit comfortably. Granted there will only be 3 other persons joining the trip, then you can fold the third-row seats to stash all your baggage such as bags, portable stove, guitar, a box of mineral water, plastic container to stuff in your food from being pushed by your other stuffs, and the likes. Fortunately, riding with your Confero S, all the passengers in the second row may sit nicely in his/her own seats thanks to the Captain Seat feature that gets even more comfortable with the arm rest.
  4. Make sure your fuel tank is at full state one day prior to the trip to hinder yourself from rushing on the D day.
  5. You will also need to prepare a spare tire hidden underneath your Confero. This is important, considering this will be a long road, hence we need to be extra ready when the worst situation happens where you need to change the flat tire.

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Take heed, holidaying at home or in the city will require a proper planning. The last step, put a very positive expectation in your mind that you will really enjoy this holiday without any disturbance and make sure you are focused on holidaying and indulging yourself. Trust that once you follow the above advise, then you will return fresh and brighter days ahead await you!

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