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Function, Damage, and Maintenance of Car Air Conditioner Evaporator

4 March, 2021

Image Function, Damage, and Maintenance of Car Air Conditioner Evaporator

Nowadays, the role of air conditioning in a car cannot be ignored. Air conditioning installation is a mandatory feature available in every car. As a cooler in the cabin, air conditioning adds comfort when driving. It is therefore undeniable that the evaporator part of the car air conditioning is also important.

The role of air conditioning is very important, hence, the condition needs to be maintained so it can function as its best for the sake of the comfort of the driver and passengers throughout the trip.

Like any other components, car air conditioning also has several parts that are interrelated with one another. In other words, if one component is damaged, it will interfere with the function of other components. One of them is the evaporator.

How Important is The Air Conditioning Evaporator?

How Important is The Air Conditioning Evaporator?

Assisted by the wind blowing from the blower, the function of the air conditioning evaporator is to conduct cool air. The evaporator is also called a cooling unit which job is to release cool air in the car cabin.

Simply put, an evaporator works much like a refrigerator. In a car air conditioning system, the evaporator acts as a medium for accommodating freon that has changed shape to mist or cold vapor.

Can you imagine if the evaporator was damaged? You would feel the heat in the cabin. Your journey would not be going as fun as you imagined. The negative emotional state of the driver can increase because he/she feels very warm in the car. This could be even more challenging if he/she had to cross a busy road.

Apart from the heat, a damaged evaporator can also cause a musty smell, an oil-like odor, and the wind gusts from the grille are very weak.

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Why Can The Evaporator Get Damage?

Why Can The Evaporator Get Damage?

Evaporator gets damaged because of several things. One of the causes is reduced freon due to leaking. Please note that the freon in the car actually cannot be reduced, unless there is a leak in the evaporator.

This evaporator leak could also be triggered by various things. One of them is that the car owner rarely performs air conditioning maintenance, which causes a lot of dust to stick to the evaporator. Over time, the dirt that sticks to the evaporator can cause mucus and if it is left idle it will cause corrosion.

Excessive freon pressure can also make the evaporator leak. Another cause of the leak is the freon system being clogged, a cabin filter isn’t installed and working properly, or it is already too old.

Preventing Evaporator Damage

Preventing Evaporator Damage

If you already know the cause of the damage to the evaporator, you can take preventive measures. The easiest way to prevent evaporator damage is to regularly maintain car air conditioning, such as keeping the cabin clean, maintaining the car’s RPM (revolutions per minute).

Air conditioning maintenance can be done at the same time as your periodic servicing at car repair shops. Afterward, changing the blower filter is also important to pay attention to prevent it from getting dirty and corroding.

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