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Get to Know The Air Conditioner Components of Car

8 March, 2021

Image Get to Know The Air Conditioner Components of Car

Air conditioning, or AC, is a feature that adds to the comfort of the driver and passenger in a car. Many different types of Air conditioner components have their own functions. To know what they are, check out the list below!



The word AC is usually associated with ‘compressor’. The compressor is the central system of the other AC components. You can think of it as the life of the AC system, as it has a role to suck the gas and release it back.

The suction channel on the compressor is connected to another component, namely the evaporator. The suction ductworks by inhaling low pressured gas.

On the other hand, the drain is connected to the condenser whose job is to remove high-pressure gas. Simply put, the compressor works by inhaling cold gas and releasing the hot gas.

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The evaporator is a heat absorber component. It functions as a remover of heat from your car. To ensure its proper work, the evaporator temperature must be maintained.

The evaporator allows gas passing through the cooling fins and turning it to be cooler. This component is also the outermost component of the AC system that releases cool and safe air to breathe in the cabin of the car.



The condenser has almost the same role as a radiator of the car, which is to radiate heat. Usually, the condenser is located in front of the radiator. There are also manufacturers, however, that place it on the car’s body for the sake of aerodynamics. To work well, the condenser must receive good airflow at all times.

In rear-wheel-drive cars, the air is usually obtained from the engine cooling fan. On the other hand, front-wheel-drive cars obtain air from one or more cooling fans.

Pressure-regulating Device

Pressure Regulating Device

This component serves to control the temperature of the evaporator. It is facilitated by controlling the refrigerant pressure properly and making sure it can flow to the evaporator to absorb heat.

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Receiver Drier

Receiver Drier

This component separates gas and liquid, removes moisture, and filters impurities. The receiver drier usually has a transparent glass at the top and is often used to refill the system.



This component is a supplementary component in the AC system that has an orifice tube, that plays a role as a refrigerant pressure reducing device. The accumulator works by temporarily collecting liquid refrigerants with low temperatures and a mixture of lubricating oil from the evaporator.

Dear Wuling Family, those are the 6 Air conditioner components system that installed in your car. We hope this information is helpful to you.

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