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Here Why You’ll Love The Wuling Car Entertainment System!

26 February, 2021

Image Here Why You’ll Love The Wuling Car Entertainment System!

A complete entertainment system with a clear audio sound is an important point to complete your modern car. Everyone may agree that music in the car will be a lot of fun. To get a car with classy audio quality, many people are willing to spend a lot of money.

If you buy a Wuling car, of course, you will be spoiled with cool and high-quality audio. Find out more about it below.

Wuling Cortez’s Satisfying Audio System

Sistem Audio Wuling Cortez yang Memuaskan

The audio system installed in the Wuling Cortez car is indeed equipped with the Advanced 8 feature which presents a slim entertainment system and is equipped with touch screen technology. Wuling Cortez is also equipped with 4 outstanding speakers. The audio control button and Bluetooth phone call feature are mounted on the steering wheel, making it very functional.

If you want to play music from your phone, then you can connect it using a Bluetooth connection or a USB cable. Not only can you choose the music you like, but you can also adjust the sound of the speakers. Besides, you can adjust the focus of the sound on the speakers according to your wishes and enjoy or even pick various interesting shows while driving all by yourself.

If you already have a headset based on IOS or Android, then you can connect it to the head unit. Once connected, you can transfer contact data and you can pick up phone calls very easily, namely via the steering wheel. After connecting to the head unit, you can touch the phone menu on the screen and the head unit screen display will change automatically to the mobile screen display.

You can also create a command by saying “OK Google”, followed by other commands such as requesting navigation for your destination or playing your favorite music. The audio system that is installed on Wuling Cortez is very modern and classy.

Infinity Audio System At Wuling Almaz

Infinity Audio System di Wuling Almaz

Not only does Wuling Cortez have a classy audio system, but the Wuling Almaz car is also equipped with a modern audio system. Audio features can be seen from the head unit with a touch screen measuring 10.4 inches which are embedded in the cabin. The Wuling Almaz car head unit can be connected with various other features so that it can make it easier for you to drive.

This Wuling Almaz car audio system is equipped with 4 speakers, 1 subwoofer, and 4 tweeters. With the complete features, of course, the Almaz car audio is of high quality and the sound that is produced can provide comfort for the drivers. Classy audio can also make you feel at home for a long time while relaxing in the car.

Wuling Almaz has deliberately presented various quality entertainment features because entertainment features are one of the main attractions that can increase the selling price of Almaz cars. Not only Wuling, currently many world car manufacturers are producing cars with the best audio quality.

Entertainment System Compatible with USB, Bluetooth & Smartphone

Sistem Hiburan yang Kompatibel dengan USB, Bluetooth & Smartphone 

The entertainment system installed on the Wuling car is numerous and classy as described above, but several systems are considered very important. The Wuling entertainment system is compatible with smartphones, Bluetooth, and USB. Each of the three seat rows is also equipped with a USB port which can come in handy when you travel long distances. Imagine not having to look for a place to stop only to charge your phone battery!

Wuling Family, it’s not wrong if you choose a variety of Wuling car choices because it has the best-in-class entertainment system that can accompany you throughout your enjoyable trip with your family.

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