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How Does Independent Suspension Make Your Drive Comfortable?

20 January, 2020

Image How Does Independent Suspension Make Your Drive Comfortable?

Suspension is a component in the car that functions as a shock absorber when the vehicle passes on an uneven road surface. The suspension acts as a link between the wheels and the body of the vehicle and transfers all power and torque between the wheels and the body.

When talking about suspension, it’s often associated with comfort during your drive. You may often hear that a car with a soft suspension can provide more comfort to the driver.

How Independent Suspension Work?

How Independent Suspension Work?

There are two types of car suspensions, namely the dependent (rigid) and independent suspensions. Nowadays, it is common for passenger vehicles to be equipped with independent suspensions, while the dependent one is usually used in commercial vehicles.

In cars with independent suspension, wheels that are on the same axis can still play a role without affecting the other one. To put it simply, if the car passes on an embankment, or an uneven surface on one side, then the pressure will only be distributed on that side.

For instance, if the embankment is on the left side, only the left wheels go up and feel a slight spike, but it won’t happen to the right wheels. In this case, passengers in the left cabin will feel the surge.

Independent suspensions have a more complicated construction because they consist of many components. With independent suspensions, the center of gravity tends to be more in the center.

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The Advantage Car with Independent Suspension

The Advantage Car with Independent Suspension

Cars that are equipped with independent suspensions are considered to carry better handling. The ability to absorb shocks that can be done by independent suspensions is excellent so that the driver and passengers can feel comfortable in the car. On top of that, independent suspensions also make the cars’ turning radius shorter.

That being said, independent suspensions have been chosen by the manufacturers to be embedded in MPV and SUV cars, and even sport cars. This is done to provide comfort during the drive.

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The Wuling Cortez CT is a family car that provides comfort through the use of an independent suspension on the rear wheels. Surely, not only the driver, but passengers can also feel comfortable sitting in the back seat of this Wuling Cortez CT.

The comfort offered by the Wuling Cortez CT is not only through the use of independent suspension, but there are also other features, such as Engine Start/Stop Button, Comfortable Tilt Steering, Modern Center Cluster Design with Auto AC, Convenient Electric Front Seat Adjuster, Classy Electric Sunroof, Seat Belt Height Adjuster, Outer Mirror and Power Window Controller, Exquisite Atmosphere Lamp, and First Row USB Power Outlet, all to make your trip more enjoyable.

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