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How Does The Electric Parking Brake Works

3 January, 2021

Image How Does The Electric Parking Brake Works

With the developments of technology, car features are getting more sophisticated. The more sophisticated features are aimed to make your driving experience easier, as is the case with the hand brakes on cars.

Most old cars were equipped with handbrakes with levers that had to be pulled up to activate them. However, these days, the handbrake lever has begun to be abandoned. Car manufacturers choose to use an electronic hand brake or Electronic Parking Brake (EPB) instead.

The Practical Way of Working

The Practical Way of Working

From the appearance, the Electronic Parking Brake is indeed more modern and simple. No more levers needed to be pulled to activate the handbrake. You only need to push a button.

The traditional handbrake works in a simple way. You need to pull the lever up so there will be two wires that are also pulled into the rear brake. By applying pressure to the cables, the brake pads attach to the disc to hold the rear wheels in place.

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On the other hand, electronic handbrakes are more modern in their entire system is already electric. By simply pressing the EPB button, the electric motor at each brake caliper presses the bearing into the disc.

Simply put, when the brake pedal sensor is pressed, the pedal will send a signal to indicate that the brake is active. When you are about to start the engine again, you only need to press the active EPB button so that the wheels are no longer locked.

Advantages of Car With EPB

Advantages of Car With EPB

Cars with the EPB feature also have a number of advantages. When parking, they don’t require excessive effort to lock the wheels to prevent the car from running. Simply press the button and the handbrake will activate itself. There is also a complete electronic handbrake feature with Auto-Hold Parking Brake.

This one feature is a sensor to detect whether the car stops and the driver brakes. This feature is quite useful when you are driving on an uphill road. All you have to do is press the button to activate it and prevent the car to reverse itself. To start the car back, you only need to step on the gas pedal.

Both of these features also make the car’s interior more elegant and trendy. The center console feels larger due to the absence of the brake lever. Cabin space also feels more spacious and moreover, the center console can be used as another storage area.

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Provide in The Middle Class

Provide in The Middle Class

Usually, the electronic handbrake is equipped with billion-rupiahs premium cars. However, these days, MPV cars with affordable middle-class range prices such as the Wuling Cortez CT are already equipped with this sophisticated feature. This feature provides convenience to the Cortez CT’s users when driving it on various road conditions.

Additionally, Cortez CT is also embedded with an Automatic Vehicle Holding as another safety feature that is useful when the car is on a hill. This feature activates the brake when the car is not moving and becomes inactive when the gas pedal is stepped on.

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