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How To Do Simple Maintenance On Your Sunroof

23 September, 2019

Image How To Do Simple Maintenance On Your Sunroof

Sunroof has become an additional feature making your car to be more luxurious. One of the reasons is because Sunroof was once a feature only for luxury segment vehicles, but now has shifted to be available also from medium segment vehicles. Originally, Sunroof is dedicated to countries with 4-seasons, where in Summer the wind breeze is usually still cool while opening the Sunroof to be enjoyed while driving.

However, it is quite different of how it is perceived in the 2-season countries like Indonesia where the heat is too hot, or the rainy season is too long. Either way, it does not mean that the feature cannot be enjoyed, even at nights is one of the perfect timing to open the sunroof and enjoy the night drive.

Nonetheless, just as other features in the car, there is a maintenance that needs to be taken care of, including the Sunroof to ensure it operates smoothly when needed.

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Basically, there are various of Sunroofs available, but it usually shaped square in a regular size, but there are also vehicles that has a whole roof full of glass to bring a wide space in the cabin. When opening, there are also two versions, one tucked in between the outer and inner roof, while the other is opened above the roof of the car. The Sunroofs that opens above the roof are usually on the performance cars to guide the wind to the back of the car for additional downforce.

East To Clean Sunroof

East To Clean Sunroof

To clean the sunroof is not difficult at all, especially when done periodically. While you wash your car, certainly the sunroof is also washed with liquid soap. But because the sunroof is glass, you might want to avoid any chemicals that has ammonia in its ingredients, because it may harm the glass.

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Keep in mind that the sunroof is not only on the top of the roof with the glass, but also the inside of the sunroof must be checked and cleaned, especially if your daily journey is thru dusty roads. It is fairly easy, you may use a vacuum cleaner to clean the dust inside the mechanical of the sunroof – the left and right side, as well as the backside of the sunroof when opened. If you find any liquid or grease on the mechanics of the sunroof, do not worry because that is what makes the sunroof opens smoothly.

And if you encounter any heavy problems on your sunroof, bring your car to the nearest service station immediately. But always bear in mind, if your car has a sunroof, please open it periodically to make sure it operates smoothly anytime you wish a wind breeze inside your cabin.

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