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How To Drive an Automatic Car To Make It Last Longer

19 June, 2020

Image How To Drive an Automatic Car To Make It Last Longer

Automatic transmission, better known as Matic, is more popular than manual transmission cars. One reason why is because it tends to be easier to operate. But does everyone already know the best practice of how to drive an automatic car to make it durable and efficient?

Unlike the manual ones, matic cars have only two pedals, namely the brakes and gas, thus making them easier for novice drivers. However, the most important thing when driving a matic car is to know the command functions on the automatic transmission. Practicing the transmission per its function will surely make your car more durable.

Use Transmission As Needed

Use Transmission As Needed

Matic transmission is equipped with a lever with ‘P’, ‘R’, ‘N’, and ‘D’ written on it. Each has a different function. ‘P’, which stands for Park, is used when stopping and parking the car. When the lever is directed to ‘P’, then the transmission will be locked and prevented from running by itself.

The ‘R’, stands for reverse, has the same role as the R in a manual car, which is to facilitate reverse driving. Likewise, the ‘N’ or Neutral, is used when you want to stop the car for a short time.

Finally, there is ‘D’, which stands for Drive. As the name implies, this mode is used to run the car. Some cars are also equipped with more than one ‘D’ mode that differentiates between the 1st or 2nd gear. Usually ‘D1’ or ‘D2’ are used when you drive on uphill or downhill roads.

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Move The Transmission Lever Slowly

Move The Transmission Lever Slowly

To remain durable and last longer, avoid moving the lever recklessly. For instance, if you are in the position of ‘D’, don’t change immediately to position ‘N’ while the car is still running. Make sure the car stops fully before you move the transmission lever. This simple trick will prevent it from wearing out.

Similarly, when you park your car backward, before running it, make sure that the car has fully stopped. Moreover, don’t move while the car is running.

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Soft and Spontaneous Acceleration

Soft and Spontaneous Acceleration

Accelerating the car smoothly and spontaneously not only adds to the car’s longevity but can also save fuel expenditure. Besides, you will also feel more secure on the road.

Make sure your sitting position is comfortable. Avoid the habit of sudden quickening and braking on crowded roads. Practicing the habit can maintain your transmission longer and also reduces your risk of accidents.

Perform Periodic Maintenance

Perform Periodic Maintenance

If you have excellent driving skills already, you also need to perform periodic car maintenance. This can help more with your car’s durability. You can bring your car to your regular car repair shop according to the schedule stated in the guidebook. Never skipping the periodic maintenance also prevents forfeited warranty.

Those are 5 tips to maintain the durability of your matic car. Matic cars are superior thanks to the 2 pedals that let the driver not bother balancing the clutch to keep the car running.

You can feel the sensation of driving a semi-automatic car directly when driving a Wuling Confero S ACT that uses an e-Clutch transmission. This transmission system is a unique semi-automatic since it can be operated without the need to step on the clutch, but is equipped with a hydraulic system and sensors.

Wuling Family, make sure to use your matic car as intended to make it last longer and problem-free by doing tips of how to drive your automatic car.

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