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How to Know The Right Tire Pressure for Your Car

9 March, 2021

Image How to Know The Right Tire Pressure for Your Car

Tire pressure is an important but often ignored aspect of a car. Most car owners don’t have an idea on how to find out the right tire pressure of their car. In fact, air pressure on car tires should really be maintained to ensure safety while driving; it should not be too much nor too little.

One of the highest risk factors due to the lack of tire pressure is damage to the car rims, wasteful fuel consumption, and the risk of the tires breaking in the middle of the road which can result in a fatal accident.

Car Tire Pressure Range

Car Tire Pressure Range

Generally, car tire pressure depends on the type of car used and the size of the rim. For MPV or SUV cars with standard rim sizes, the tire pressure used is 30-35 Psi. whereas for larger sizes such as the R17 with a tire profile of 40 or 45, the wind pressure is 35-40 Psi.

The Danger of Low Tire Pressure

The Danger of Low Tire Pressure

Car tires with lack air can cause reduced comfort while driving. Research says that if the car is driven in conditions of low tire pressure, it will reduce fuel efficiency by 5%. In addition, it can also result in damage to the car’s rim or even a broken car tire while driving.

Another impact of the low tire pressure is on the braking system which response longer than usual, especially in the rainy season. Low air pressure on the tires can also cause slips and reduce tire life.

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The Danger of Overpressure

The Danger of Overpressure

Meanwhile, tires with too high pressure will accelerate tire wear, especially in the center side. In addition, the traction of the tires will also be significantly reduced, hence making the car feels adrift. This situation is clearly very dangerous, especially when you are driving at high speed on the highway, as this can make the car difficult to control.

On top of that, tire overpressure will push the side of the tire to the rim, thereby reducing tire life. Car tires can also break easily when hitting a hole on the reload, thus increasing the risk of fatal accidents while driving.

Car Tire Pressure Check Tool

Car Tire Pressure Check Tool

As proper tire pressure maintenance is important, we strongly advised all Wuling Families to perform a routine check, so that you can always ensure safe and comfortable daily driving. The good news is, if you drive Wuling Confero S, you don’t need to worry about having to monitor car tire pressure every day.

Wuling Confero S is equipped with an advanced Tire Pressure Monitoring System (TPMS) feature which is very useful for displaying the latest information about your car tire pressure condition. This information appears on the Multi-Information Display (MID) screen, where you can clearly see how much pressure each of the tires has easily from the car dashboard.

There are two types of TPMS, namely the direct and indirect types. On the TPMS, there is a sensor that monitors the wind pressure and temperature on each tire. Using wireless technology, the data gathered will be sent directly to the instrument cluster.

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Meanwhile, the TPMS indirectly utilizes a wheel speed sensor to measure the rate of change of each wheel that will be read by the system. If the sensor indicates that the tire pressure is low, the data will be sent directly to the instrument cluster.

Wuling Family, by making use of this sophisticated feature, you can avoid the risk of having under or over tire pressure. You can easily monitor the tire pressure directly from your MID screen on the car’s dashboard, guaranteeing an even more safe and comfortable driving experience!

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