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How To Safely Park Your Automatic Cars On A Hill

2 February, 2021

Image How To Safely Park Your Automatic Cars On A Hill

When you park an automatic car on a steep hill, there will be gravity at work, hence, when parking improperly, the car may start running by itself. You have to take the right preventive steps, to avoid things that are not desirable.

You have to make sure you use the hand brake and that the rotating position of the wheel is directed to the correct position. When using a manual car, you can use reverse or first gear when parking the car on an incline.

How To Park An Automatic Car On A Hill

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First, to park your car, make sure the car is parallel to the roadside. When parking the vehicle uphill, make sure that there is full space for the car behind. Meanwhile, when parking the vehicle downhill, make sure to leave full space in the front of the car.

Here are other important points you should know when parking on a hill:

  • You have to turn the wheels towards the roadside and you must steer the wheels away from the side if you are parking on an incline. If you park under a hill, then you have to turn the wheel towards the roadside.
  • You have to press the foot brake, then put the car in a neutral position and then turn the steering wheel one full turn in the right direction, this will prevent the car from rolling into traffic when the brakes fail.
  • If you can’t find the sidewalk, then you have to turn your front wheel to the side of the road and this can be done when the car is facing up or down. This method will make the car move or roll onto the grass or ground next to the road and will prevent the car from driving into traffic lanes.
  • Do not turn the wheel when the car is stopped, as it will put pressure on the tires and the power steering system.

When rolling the car towards the roadside, you must do it in a concentrated mode. Lift the foot that is pressing the brake and let the car slide slowly down the hill and this process continues until you feel that the front tire has turned to the sidewalk

When parking an automatic vehicle on an incline, don’t forget to make sure no other car will go up or down the hill behind your car by looking in the mirror to look at the rear. After the car is parked, leave the car and make sure the car is in the right parking area.

Almaz, which is a superior SUV product from Wuling, has the best security features that you can utilize when driving and parking in a situation like this. Having the Anti-lock Brake System (ABS) and Electronic Brakeforce Distribution (EBD) features helps you control your car in various difficult situations, one of which is when parking the car on a hill.

Not only that, but you will also find the Hill Hold Control (HHC) feature on the Almaz which is very useful when parking and driving on very solid inclines or descents. Like the road conditions when driving via the Alas Baluran or Alas Kumitir routes in the Banyuwangi area. This feature is excellent for maintaining the position of the car when it stops and goes on an incline for a few seconds.

From now on, follow the automatic car parking tips above and make the best use of your car!

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