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How To Use A Car Cleaner Injector

12 October, 2020

Image How To Use A Car Cleaner Injector

As the car age increases, its injector performance will decrease. One factor leading to this is clogged injector pinholes due to the pile of combustion residue. To solve this issue, you can use an injector cleaner and keep your car in its optimal condition.

No need to be overwhelmed if you haven’t done it before, you can find some easy steps on how to use an injector cleaner below.

Definition of Injector Cleaner

Definition of Injector Cleaner

The injector is an important device embedded in a car that works to spray fuel into the combustion chamber in the engine. A defective car injector will result in the engine being difficult to start, the fuel becomes more wasteful, and the engine sound turns rough.

This happens because the injector can’t work properly, hence making the Electronic Control Unit (ECU) unable to adjust the frequency and fuel pressure to the combustion chamber.

The injector cleaner works to clean and prevent the injector pinholes from burning residue. It also keeps the fuel system clean when used regularly. The immediate impact is that the car’s performance increases as the combustion process are done more optimally.

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The Difference with Carbon Cleaner

Definition of Injector Cleaner

Although they both have almost the same function, the injector cleaner and carbon cleaner actually differ. The main difference is the focus of cleaning. While the injector cleaner cleans the injector holes from combustion residue, the carbon cleaner performs cleaning on carbon stuck on the engine combustion chamber.

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Risk of Use

Risk of Use

An injector cleaned has a very good function for cleaning injectors. The shared assumption is that the use of injectors lets the car’s engine work in an optimal condition, however, the full story is more complicated than that. There is a certain period to use it, and if you use it too often the engine can become sluggish and difficult to turn on and even stop completely.

Another possible risk that lurks in this issue is the high chemical content of Acetone which is often found in cheap injector cleaners. This substance may clean residue and is quite cheap, however, it can damage metal and paint. The excess level of Acetone in the injector cleaner may therefore put risk on sensitive seals and sensors, such as the MAP sensor.

How to Use It

How to Use It

Wuling Family, did you know that there is a fairly simple and easy way to use this injector cleaner in your car? You need to pour the injector cleaner into the refueling hole. It is encouraged to perform this mixing every 5,000-10,000 kilometers, depending on the quality of the fuel when the car is used.

The use of an injector cleaner is considered safe enough for fuel, as it contains octane which can burn in the combustion chamber. However, you should avoid using it in a car that has been idle and unused for an extended period, because cleaning cannot be performed properly. Also, always use a quality injector cleaner!

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Price Range

Price Range

Cheap price should not be the only factor to take into account when choosing an injector cleaner. You should consider other things, too, including the amount of Acetone used in the substance. High Acetone content in the injector cleaner will damage your car engine.

That is why you should pick an injector cleaner brand that is recommended by official repair shops, sot that the engine parts are always protected. To give you an idea, a quality injector cleaner usually costs around Rp 50,000-150,000.

Wuling Family, remember that an injector cleaner has an important role in maintaining a car engine, as it can keep it in good shape. Before deciding to purchase a certain brand of injector cleaner, you should pay close attention to how to use an injector cleaner in a car as we have described above!

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