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Learning the Difference of Machine Capacity

21 February, 2018

Image Learning the Difference of Machine Capacity

For Wuling families who always follow the development of Wuling in our homeland country would already know that after issuing the Confero series with a capacity of 1,500 cc engine, now Wuling officially market Cortez with a capacity of 1,800 cc. of course car lovers are no longer foreign with the benefit and understanding in regards of engine displacement or the capacity of car engine. However, we at Wuling also want to present a useful article for the new Wuling Families who just want to try out the joy of driving with Wuling.

The main benefit of engine capacity to the performance of the car is in its ability to regulate the power and speed generated, as well as fuel efficiency. Cars with a capacity of 1,500 cc as in Confero S’ engine is capable of driving at a standard speed and adequate for use within the inner-city range, for example from home to office, mall, campus, etc. Fuel consumption is also more efficient when compared with the engine capacity of 1,800 cc.

The size and weight of the car and the capacity of the cabin to accommodate the load is also a determinant to the ability of the engine to generate power. Thus, cars with larger body size and heavier weight surely require a higher engine capacity, to balance with the energy it produces. When driving a car with a large engine capacity, Wuling Families must also determine whether the size of the tire used is sufficient to withstand the load and produce the expected performance. To find out more about tires and rims before deciding to play modifications, read this article.

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If you require lots of luggage in your daily activities thus adding the weight of your car, then it is recommended to use a larger cc (above 1,500 cc). For example, in addition to transporting people/passengers, you also load heavy objects such as a few quintals of merchandise, and often pass through a far and uphill terrain.

But if the car is more often used by yourself with an addition of a few passengers within the city, then it is safe to use 1,500 cc engine. Because by using a larger cc, the power generated will be redundant, spoiling its maximum performance and even tend to be wasteful of gasoline.

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Perhaps the first step that the Wuling Families can make before deciding which Wuling car engine capacity fits with your everyday transportation needs, start estimating and calculating;

  1. Record how many hours of a day the car is used to drive.
  2. How often you travel long distance (out of town, +/- 40 km) in a week.
  3. Compare the weight of car contents (passengers or luggage) whether it is often empty or full and heavy.
  4. Learn your own habits while driving; whether you are a fairly casual person or often speeding on the road – always remember our message from Wuling to be always careful in driving, anytime.
  5. Pay attention to the budget in your pocket; the amount of money available to fill the tank in a month and for regular maintenance of your car. Watch out for these expenses, because more often than not do we realize the amount of money we spend for the car’s consumption in gasoline and grooming.
  6. Finally, make sure you start to understand in providing the right maintenance for your car – not only for the exterior, but also for the engine. Also take note on the insurance and after-sales services offered by Wuling Motors when making a purchase to fit your needs.
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