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Love Your Family, Love MPV

14 February, 2018

Image Love Your Family, Love MPV

The development of car industry in this country has been going on for a very long time, it all started precisely in 1969. According to data from GAIKINDO, this industry started when the Ministry of Industry and Trade created\ a regulation regarding the import of motor vehicles which was classified in two conditions, completely built-up (CBU) and completely knocked-down (CBU), which means one must be reassembled when entering the territory of Indonesia. The regulations also cover the assembly industries and automotive-sales agencies, to regulate the business in automotive buying and selling.

Certainly, with the initiation of this automotive business, there also grew other industries that supported the healthy growth of the automotive industry in the homeland country; Indonesian citizens who possess the spirit of entrepreneurs began to explore the manufacture or import of spare spart , garage or painting, battery sales (accu), gas stations, and others that continue to grow until now.

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Even the hobby in automotive is now expanded to be a business opportunity as well; most owners of motor vehicles are a fan of modification activities. However, regardless of business, how is the face of the current trends in the automotive industry in Indonesia? Apart from the many types of cars that circulate in the Indonesian market, there are elements of culture that seems to make us fixated on one type of car, the MPV.

Multi-Purpose Vehicle is regarded as the best-selling car in Indonesia. This segment is still a prima donna until the end of 2017, even as a new player, Wuling Confero S was awarded for the Indonesian Car of the Year 2017 in the category of Small MPV by MobilMotor. This proves that MPV cars are still the most attractive car segment in the country. But why is that?

The biggest reason is from the culture or culture of Indonesian society. We are known for a very high kinship culture, regardless of the tribe, we are accustomed to visit our families, be it near or far, for big family events. The most frequent moments we experience travelling with family members are during weekends, family gatherings, to national holiday celebrations. It is a common sight to see Indonesian families consisting of more than 4 family members, thus one of the things that usually comes up to our mind when deciding to buy a vehicle is: what car can transport all my family members?

MPVs generally contains 3 rows of seats that can accommodate 8 people, even more if the size of the passenger’s body is small enough or when one sits on the other’s lap. As the trend grows, the type of 7-seat MPV car started to circulate and Wuling did not want to miss it by releasing its Confero S. With the captain seat in the second row makes Confero S look elegant, classy, and most importantly, comfortable. For those of you who have quite a plenty of family members, be sure of Wuling as the ideal choice for your family.

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Talking about ideal choices, Wuling certainly does not want to stop innovating and working for Indonesia. All kinds of support from the people of Indonesia, encourage more than 3,000 local workers to want to continue to work and provide a suitable choice for Indonesian citizens.

If previously Confero was released for the low MPV segment, now Wuling proves that it’s being serious by playing in the real segment of MPV by releasing Cortez. Cortez, with a touch of classy MPV presents the features that can mostly be found in the class of expensive cars. And for automotive lovers who need an automatic transmission, now they are satisfied with the i-AMT technology that is specifically developed for the series of Cortez, even lovers of manual cars are increasingly satisfied with the implementation of 6-speed transmission system.

So, what other reasons do you need to make Cortez as the right choice? Keep abreast of Wuling’s developments which will provide new surprises for Indonesia. High five!

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