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Maintaining Car Wiper

17 March, 2018

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Wiper blades are one of the important assets in our car that must always be maintained if we want to keep our trips stay comfortable. The rubber-based blade functions to wipe the windshield off of dust, water, and dirt that may stick along the ride. This feature will be very often used and of good use usually during rainy days. However, the challenge happens during the summer, where they become more susceptible to being dry, brittle, and finally chapped. 

In the summer or under direct sun, material made from rubber material is very easy to harden. Now, this time Wuling wants to give some important tips to take care of your windshield wiper to prevent it from being quickly obsolete & damaged.  

Life span of wiper blades 

Generally, your wiper blades have a functional period for about 6 to 12 months. In addition to the normal life span, over time damage is very likely to happen, some of the indicators for your degrading wiping blades are their squeaky sound, leaving a mark on the windshield when in use, chapping off the surface, skipping while moving (not moving smoothly from right to left). 

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Damaging factors 

There are several factors that enable our car wipers to damage, some of which are sunlight and its heat, water without soap solution, sand and dust, chemical and salt content in rainwater, chemicals such as oil from car wax for example. 


  • Be aware that Wuling Families need to do inspection at least every three months. Make sure the surface of the wiper blades is still smooth and flexible. 
  • Then, wipe the surface quite as often, you may use a dampened tissue paper during, for example, filling up gasoline or shortly after parking the car, the purpose is to clean the surface off of possibly sticking oil or dust. 
  • Polish the rubber blades with rubber protective solution on a regular basis. Be sure to always use a particular rubber solution and not pure water, so that the rubber surface on the blade can easily move. 
  • Lastly, when parking your car, especially in hot and scorching locations, always lift up the bar to prevent it from sticking to the glass surface and make it easily heated up. 

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Quality checking 

When you want to replace the wiper blades with the new ones, be sure to put quality as priority and not just because they’re cheap. Look for rubber silicone-based for a longer life span and not damaging to your car’s windshield. Always maintain your Wuling periodically to keep it in prime condition.  

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