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Maintaining Comfortabel Car Suspension

5 August, 2017

Image Maintaining Comfortabel Car Suspension

Maintaining your car so that it always performs well is a must, thereby you will be prevented from experiencing unpleasant situations when you drive. A car is just like human body, it has working components to keep it running besides its main engines operating as the heart and the brain of the car.

Car suspension at the lower part of your car is one of the important components that keep the car working. It needs maintenance so that it stays comfortable. Car suspension has several parts, namely:

Tie rod and ball joints

Tie rod functions to carry on the direction of the turns from steering wheel to wheels so that the wheels can turn to right or left accordingly. Ball joints function as the pivot points between the steering knuckle, which is connected to the wheel and control arms on the chassis, making the car easier to turn to right or left.

The easiest way to check these parts is by listening whether there is any sound coming out from the control arms where tie rod is located. Tie rod has a ball pad component for moving. If you hear any sound from the component, it means the pad is getting slack and worn out. You can also check on the components. Tie rod and ball joints that are no longer smooth indicate that the components have already worn out.


Shockbreaker functions to absorb shock impulses when car is driven on various road conditions such as damaged road, road with holes on the surface, wavy road, etc. To detect whether the shock breaker has any trouble or not, you can just listen if the car creates any loud and hard rumbling sound when you’re driving it.

Bushing stabilizer

Bushing stabilizer is located in stabilizer bar link and functions as a balancing component for right and left suspensions. Faulty bushing stabilizer causes a scratching noise or rattling sound when you try to stop the car.

Control arm bushing

Control arm bushing is one of car suspension components that play an important role in car suspension performance. Control arm bushing comes in the shape of steel tube filled with rubber. This component functions as bearings at suspension fulcrum points. To check arm bushing condition, you can see it from the direction of your car when you’re driving it. You have trouble with arm busing if the car’s direction tends to go right or left, and if you hear rumbling sound coming from the wheels.

Wheel bearing

Wheel bearing has an important function in wheel rotation and car stability. Diagnosing whether you have faulty wheel bearing is relatively easy, that is by detecting noise from the wheels. Faulty bearing causes rumbling noise when the wheels rotate.


The most common case related to car wheel is abraded surface after the car has gone through long distance trips. Although the level of abrasion is not clearly visible sometimes, it causes quite real impacts. When it happens, changing your wheels is the right measure to take. Thereby, you’ll have durable wheels thus keeping the car suspension always comfortable.

Considering its highly vital function, it’s important that you put maintenance efforts for your car suspension. In order to keep car suspension always in good performance, you can do the following measures:

  1. Maintain ideal tire pressure for your car wheels.
  2. Avoid routes with damaged roads. If you have go through such roads anyway, make sure you have full concentration, keep away from holes on the road surface, and decrease your car speed.
  3. Do some regular checks and services at car service centers specializing in car suspension. Once you feel there’s something going on with your car, do not postpone the schedule to check your car suspension.
  4. Use rims and tires in the size suggested by car manufacturer. Do not modify car suspension beyond car’s limitations.
  5. Do not put excessive baggage in your car above tolerated limit.
  6. Drive normally and ethically on the roads.
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