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Maintenance Tips to Keep Your Car’s AC Cool

19 November, 2017

Image Maintenance Tips to Keep Your Car’s AC Cool

You certainly won’t feel comfortable when your car’s air conditioner (AC) is not cool, especially when you drive during daytime. Hot weather outside makes you feel stifling. Not only to fight against hot weather outside, an AC also functions to clear foggy front window when it is raining. So much so it’s proper to say that AC has vital functions.

People are often mistaken. When a car’s AC is less cooler than usual, they often immediately jump into conclusion that it has less refrigerant or Freon, so they have it refilled. You need to know that, in normal condition, Freon will wear out within a very long period of time. If Freon in your AC wears out quickly, it means that there is a leak in your AC system.

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Causes That Car AC Lose Coolness

Before deciding to add more Freon, notice common things that usually cause car’s AC to lose its coolness:

  1. Notice leaks on AC pipes

    Leaking AC pipes usually happens because of years of use.

  2. Check condition of evaporator and condenser

    Broken evaporator and condenser can happen due to years of use or because of stuff and dirt like gravels.

  3. Check condition of compressor

    When a condenser is broken, usually sounds will be heard from engine compartment where AC compressor is placed. Also make sure that compressor rotation is fast.

  4. Misusing Freon type

    You need to know that there are two kinds o Freon in the market, namely R134a and R12. Freon of R134a code can be found in cars produced in 1994 and the following years, while that of R12 can be found in cars of 1994 and the previous years. Misusing Freon type makes AC blow not optimally. Other negative effect is that it can damage AC rubber pipe, thus causing a leak.

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How To Main Car AC?

Although AC repair shops are available nowadays, it is better that you do your own maintenance to keep your car’s AC in well condition. Here are some things you can do to maintain your AC:

  1. Keep your car cabin clean

    Dirty and dusty cabin is actually not good for AC’s cleanliness, because the dirt and dust can stick on cabin and car upholstery.

  2. Avoid opening windows widely when AC is on

    Don’t drive your car with widely opened windows, moreover when AC is on.

  3. Avoid smoking when AC is on

    If you want to smoke a cigarette in the car, it’s better that you turn off the AC and open the windows so that the smoke slip outside to prevent it from sticking on car cabin.

  4. Clean AC condenser

    Make sure to do regular maintenance on AC condenser. Clean the condenser as well when you wash your car in order to get rid of dust and dirt already stuck to it, which can cause leaks and corrosion.

  5. Clean cabin air filter

    Don’t forget to always maintain and clean cabin air filter. Replace cabin air filter regularly whenever it is necessary and do not postpone it.

  6. Do regular service on AC

    Regular service on car’s AC will make it easier for you to maintain it and also prevent bigger damages.

  7. Air freshener

    Not all room air fresheners are suitable for car. Therefore, it’s advisable to buy air freshener that is especially made for cars. Do not buy standard room air freshener to be placed in your car cabin.

  8. Car’s RPM

    The next tip to maintain car’s AC is by always keeping your car’s rotation speed well. Low RPM (revolutions per minute) will also influence AC’s performance.

Although not a vital part of a car engine, the AC greatly affects the comfort of your drive. The good condition of the air conditioner, makes you drive for the better.

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