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Routine Car Maintenance, Why Do You Need it?

20 December, 2019

Image Routine Car Maintenance, Why Do You Need it?

Performing routine car service and maintenance is a must for car owners. Regularly checking your car doesn’t guarantee that your car would be free from any damage, but at least it can reduce the intensity of damaged components.

There are also some other reasons why you need to get your car to a car repair shop diligently, check out below!

Ensure Your Safety on The Road

Ensure Your Safety on The Road

The main reason for servicing a car on a regular basis is for the safety of you, your family, and anyone who rides in the car.

It is often the case that accidents happen due to the car not getting regular maintenance. The braking system, lack of engine oil, broken glass wiper rubber, those seemingly trivial things turn out to be very critical and could be the main cause of an accident. By doing regular car maintenance, you can find out whether something is wrong with the car and thus could get it fixed immediately.

Preventing Car Component Malfunctions and Avoiding Unexpected Costs

Preventing Car Component Malfunctions and Avoiding Unexpected Costs

When traveling long distances trip, you may have seen a car stopped at the roadside because it had been damaged. Surely you don’t want to be in that position, right? To prevent this, doing regular maintenance is the answer.

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You can also avoid unexpected costs such as renting a towing because you have to take your broken car to a repair shop and thus spending extra money on using another vehicle. Car components malfunctions can also be prevented by conducting routine maintenance. The mechanics will find the cause and fix it before something worse happens.

Improving Car Performance

Meningkatkan Performa Mobil

Routine servicing can maintain the performance of the car so that the condition feels as new as before. Cars that are routinely maintained will be more responsive, smoother during the drive, and also comfortable for the driver.

Ensure Fuel Efficiency 

Memastikan Efisiensi Bahan Bakar

Each car has its own fuel efficiency standards. But what usually happens, is that the drivers complain that their cars waste gasoline to the amount that is not in accordance with the manufacturer’s claims. One possibility is because the car is rarely checked.

As a result, you have to pay extra when filling gas. In fact, by doing routine maintenance, all components of the car can work efficiently and this results in more efficient fuel usage.

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Extend The Life of The Car

Memperpanjang Umur Mobil

Periodic maintenance can prevent malfunctions of car components, improve performance and fuel efficiency, and also can extend the life of the car. This regular service also ensures the good condition of your car which can influence how long the car’s age is.

Reduce Pollution

Mengurangi Polusi

Each drive using conventional fuel cars will indeed emit carbon dioxide and carbon monoxide. One way to reduce carbon gas is to do regular service, why? This is because cars that are not serviced regularly can potentially produce exhaust emissions with greater carbon content. When you conduct maintenance, however, you can ensure that all components car are in top conditions so they won’t impact on bad exhaust emissions.

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