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Safety is Always First

10 August, 2018

Image Safety is Always First

Before a car is officially marketed and driven by its users on the roads, it is the duty of the manufacturer to equip the vehicle with adequate safety features. This is to support the consumers’ driving experience, because we will never know the undesired incidents that can happen at any time.

ABS System

Some safety features that Wuling consumers can use on Confero S & Cortez for example are ABS (anti-lock braking system) which means when you have to make a sudden brake, the brakes, the suspension of the wheel, and the steering mechanism ensure that they do not lock.

This system is made available in Wuling Confero S & Wuling Cortez series as well as EBD (electronic brake-force distribution) which makes the braking power to be evenly distributed to all four tires so that the pressure is not only focused on the front or rear tires alone, so that the car can avoid the possibility of slipping while braking especially on slippery roads.

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In Wuling Cortez series, it is also equipped with another safety feature, that is HHC (hill-hold control). This feature holds the car in a firm, stand-still position when driving on an uphill road. When the transmission is positioned in drive mode (D) and the brake is released, the system will automatically hold the car from moving backwards for a few seconds.

There is also one important safety feature embedded in both Wuling series that you may not know yet.

Auto Unlock Feature

The auto unlock collision feature is an important safety feature that ensures you from being locked inside the car when you are hit in an accident. When the car is turned on, it is the driver’s instinct to automatically click the lock button for all doors. Or if you forget, the car’s automatic system will lock the entire doors when the car’s speed exceeds 5 km/h.

Then, when the car is driven in a locked state and it suddenly collides with another car in front or from behind, or maybe even sideways, the pounding caused by the collision process will automatically unlock the car, so the driver and passengers can get out of the car to save themselves.

With the auto unlock collision feature, instead of being stuck in a locked car condition, passengers will be enabled to get out of the car to avoid further danger. So, when the paramedics arrive, they are also enabled to pull the passengers from the car. However, always make sure your Wuling car is in a safe condition and ready to be driven by taking it regularly to an authorized workshop to check the condition of the oil, brakes, brake pads, engine, transmission, etc. to avoid the possibility of an accident.

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