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The 5 Best Features of Wuling Confero S

27 July, 2020

Image The 5 Best Features of Wuling Confero S

Nowadays, shapes and prices are not the only points to think about when purchasing a car. The features of a car also have a big impact on its market value. Distinctive features can differentiate a car from its competitors. As for Wuling, it has crafted a flagship Low MPV, known as Confero S.

Wuling Confero S has a number of sophisticated features that make it very competitive in the market. If you wish to know what the main features of this Wuling variant are and how they make it superior in its class, check out the following explanation.

Tire Pressure Monitoring System (TPMS)

Tire Pressure Monitoring System (TPMS)

TPMS features are mostly embedded in luxury cars. However, if you’ve been eyeing the Confero S, worry not, as Wuling has equipped the TPMS feature in this MPV.

The TPMS feature has an important function in the safety of the driver and passengers. It can provide real-time information concerning the pressure conditions on all four of the tires. Therefore, a deflated tire can easily be detected without the driver having to visit a car repair shop.

Thus, the risk of accidents caused by tires can easily be avoided by the driver. In the Low MPV class, Wuling Confero S is the only car type with this feature.

Captain Seat

Captain Seat

Wuling offers a choice of captain seat configuration for Confero S. Similar to the TMS, only Wuling Confero S offers this seat configuration in the Low MPV class.

Indeed, the captain seat feature is often found in premium MPV cars. But with Confero S, this premium feature is embedded and priced reasonably. The captain seat feature makes the interior cabin feel more spacious and lets the passengers enter and close the third-row seat easily.

This is also a distinctive feature between Wuling Confero S and other Low MPVs. In addition to the captain seat, Wuling also still offers another Confero S type with a general seating configuration. But don’t worry, even with the non-captain seat configuration type, the cabin doesn’t feel cramped thanks to the large dimensions, hence passengers can always move freely.

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Front and Rear Disc Brakes

Rem Cakram di Depan dan Belakang

Wuling Confero S has been equipped with disc brakes on the front and rear wheels. The use of disc brakes has a number of advantages including providing more stable brakes, is easier to check, able to be adjusted by yourself, and more economical and efficient as well.

A series of advantages concerning the disc brake indeed is very helpful for the car’s driver.

Open Windows and Car Trunk by Remote

Open Windows and Car Trunk by Remote

Before entering the cabin, you can open all four car windows by simply pressing the button on the remote. This feature can decrease heat after the car has been parked for a long time. In addition to that, the remote can also be used to open the car trunk.

This feature is usually embedded in upper-class cars because it is fairly sophisticated. However, this low MPV car has been equipped with it, so anyone can now easily enjoy this feature.

Analog Clock

Analog clock

The analog clock on the Wuling Confero S is mounted on the dashboard of the car. The design looks elegant and stylish and is located between the AC vents above the audio system. This is also the uniqueness point that isn’t owned by any other MPVs in the same class.

Wuling Family, now that you have been informed about all the distinctive features of Wuling Confero S, are you ready to purchase one for you and your family?

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