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The Best Way to Deal With Mold on Windshield

7 March, 2019

Image The Best Way to Deal With Mold on Windshield

Weather is difficult to predict, heat and rain constantly exchange each other; while heat hits the morning, suddenly it changes to rain while having lunch and back to a blistering heat close to the evening. Sometimes it even rains while the sun is at its peak. This weather may affect the conditions of the vehicle, like windshield that covered with dried rain potential to mold before it was cleaned.

The windshield is an important component because it provides visibility in driving, if stains or mold is on the windshield, it certainly be disturbing the convenience in driving. These are several steps to be done to avoid mold on the windshield.

Clean It Right After The Rain

The easiest way to do is to clean the windshield right after the rain because the drop of rain potentially molds the glass. You may first use the plas chamois to clean the rained windshield and use microfiber afterward. It might also be a good idea to check the wiper blades, because it may also be the cause of the uncleaned windshield. And if the rubber of the blades cannot clean the glass, it is urgent to change immediately.

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However, if the stain or mold cannot be cleaned, the windshield must be softly brushed using a certain technic and certain cleanser. If you are to do it alone and not in a special car care ‘salon’, then you must beware of a few things. Do take care of which compound to use and how, misuse of it, you might end up having a scratched windshield than a clean one.

Products to Clean The Mold

There are various products you may use in the market to avoid mold on the windshield. One of the products is the Glass Scrub to gently clean the mold on the glass, and later implement the Rain Clear to stay clean and acts as prevention.

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Of course, the most important part is the windshield, although other glasses on your car may also be cleaned and prevent mold. Do occasionally clean your windshield and protect it with anti-fungus chemicals, so that your daily driving will not be bothered by those molds. Using a Rain Clear usually last 3 to 4 months of anti-water stain depending on the weather conditions.

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