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The Difference Between Electric and Hydraulic Steering

4 November, 2019

Image The Difference Between Electric and Hydraulic Steering

Technology is increasingly developing these days. Even more so concerning the technology of cars. Every year we can find new technologies within the car industry, ranging from the features, safety, and mechanical systems.

One of the latest technology is Electronic Power Steering (EPS), or commonly known as an electronic steering system, which can be found in various cars launched these days. However, you can also find the hydraulic steering system used in some other cars. Having two different options, you may be wondering about the maintenance and the difference between them. To know more about this, you can read our information below.

Efficiency of Use

Efisiensi Pemakaian

EPS system cars don’t use hydraulic or piston pump, but rather are equipped with an electrical motor system programmed to be able to understand order from the driver. By having the EPS system, the weight of the cars can also be reduced.

Unlike hydraulic steering system cars, EPS system cars don’t use power flowed from the engine. In short, EPS systems cars are programmed to be more efficient.

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Hydraulic steering system cars require a lot of fluid to operate, which in turn leads to needing extra attention. In fact, hydraulic steering system cars are more susceptible to leakage since they use a lot of liquid.

EPS system cars require only one type of fluid and the inside components are also less complex when you compare them with hydraulic system cars. The EPS system is controlled by a computer, and it’s easier for you to calibrate the car with an electrical system.



EPS system cars are also easier to maintain than that of hydraulic steering systems. Because of this simplicity, people nowadays prefer EPS system cars more than the hydraulic steering system ones. This makes sense as people don’t want to be bothered with all the complexity.



Some would argue that the hydraulic steering system makes a car to be more powerful during driving. However, it should be noted that the large power actually impacts the hydraulic steering system cars when crossing on rough and bumpy road surfaces.

In contrast, EPS system cars are able to properly distribute the power when crossing on rough and bumpy roads. That is another reason why EPS system cars are more attractive and easier to use.

That being said, if you’re looking for a car that offers comfort and is also equipped with an Electronic Power Steering system, Confero S ACT can be your best choice. The Low MPV, the highest variety of Confero, has an EPS system embedded in it.

In addition to being easy to control due to having the EPS system, Confero S ACT also has a more economical fuel consumption. Certainly, the Confero S ACT is the right choice for the Wuling Family to accompany both their daily or long trips.

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