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The Heat of the Weather and How It Affects Your Car

5 October, 2018

Image The Heat of the Weather and How It Affects Your Car

Back in the days, Indonesian people would’ve been so prepared to experience the rainy season from mid- to the end of the year. However, due to the global warming, climate change is unavoidable; in the months leading up to the end of year we are more often exposed to the heat of the sun instead of the heavy rain. More often than not, the temperature outside can rise above 30°C, which causes not only glare on your eyes, but also sweat to escape from our bodies real fast.

At times like this,driving Confero or Cortez to go just about anywhere seems to be the right choice. Surely you would agree that the blowing of the air conditioner from your Wuling car is so cold that sometimes the person sitting next to you needs a blanket to stay warm. Aside from its usefulfunction, you still need to be careful when using the AC if you’dlike it to last longer, not to mention the entirety of your Wuling car.

Understand what heat canaffect

When the heat attacks, as it turns out, not only is your physical being disrupted, but also the physic of your car. Hot weather also affects the change of the air. Something that’s easily recognizable is when you open the door, after being parked for hours under the heat of the sun, in an instant hot air burstsright up your face. The good thing about the Wuling car key, you can easily open the windows from a distance so the air in the car can circulate before you enter the cabin of your Wuling car.

Stop this habit

When the weather outside is so hot, the air inside the car gets hotter and hotter just like in a microwave. When that happens, our fingers will spontaneously reach for the AC button to turn the chill up. It’d would be better to make sure the cabin temperature is not too hot first by discharging all the heat from the car, then you can use the air conditioner moderately.

What happens to the engin

When the heat occurs, not only does the cabin feel like being in front of a bonfire, but the engine also warms up that can interfere with its performance. Always check the height of the lubricant and radiator liquid, do not let it drop below the threshold, so the engine gets continuous flow of energy to continue working when the car is being run. Then, if you use wet battery, then please always ensure that the liquid level is always above the safe threshold.

What about tires?

Well, besides the good feature of opening the windows using the remote, another benefit of using Wuling is that you can check the air content inside each tire through the TPMS (tire pressure monitoring system) feature that is accessible from the MID screen behind the steering wheel. The balanced pressure on each tire will maintain driving experience to be smoother and without worry, because when the weather is hot, the air inside the tire will increase as well, especially when they rub against the asphalt which is also hot, it will be more prone to burst if the pressure is not maintained accordingly.

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