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These are the Causes of Engine Knocking

19 November, 2017

Image These are the Causes of Engine Knocking

Have you experienced hearing a knocking sound from your car? In technical term, it is called knocking or detonation, or engine knocking to be exact. An engine knocking is indicated by a relatively loud knocking sound from car engine, along with vibration from the engine with a tempo that relates to the sound. Engine knocking also occurs when you try to accelerate car speed or when your car is driven on an uphill road.

The Cause of Engine Knocking

There are some problems that cause engine knocking:

  1. Low quality fuel

    One of the problems that cause engine knocking is using fuel of low quality or low octane rating. Using low grade fuel can cause increase of temperature and pressure in car engine’s combustion chamber. Gasoline won’t be burnt perfectly, creating fuel residue and compound that get stick to the inner wall of combustion chamber.

  2. Deposit in the cylinder wall

    This deposit takes an important space needed to perform car engine’s normal function, which is to mix air and fuel. If one doesn’t prevent such high compression, it can cause engine knocking.

  3. Wrong spark plug

    Spark plug helps control engine’s internal environment and operates in a precise condition. Wrong spark plug creates a condition that is not optimum for fuel burning.

  4. Other causes

    These are also the causes of engine knocking: dirty injection, broken knock sensor, wrong piston ring, valve seal and engine is probably too hot. Other triggers include injector, problems with carburetor.

Each of the problems above has certain solution and handling, and usually repairing is not complicated. However, it cannot guarantee that the knocking sound will disappear. It is possible that one misdiagnoses the cause of knocking, and there might be more than one problem. In order to make sure, you better visit and consult with trusted auto repair shop.

How To Solve Engine Knocking?

If you recently heard knocking sound and thought that there was a problem with your car, there are some steps you can do:

  1. Try using fuel of high quality

    Make sure that you buy fuel with octane number that is suitable with car manufacturer’s recommendation. You can read this information in car manual book or on the sticker placed near fuel tank tap. Most of car manufacturers in Indonesia recommend octane number 90+.

  2. Check your car’s spark plug

    This is a simple process, but if you are not sure and don’t have proper equipment to do it, you better leave the task to your trusted auto repair shop. Once you get the spark plug out, you can compare code number in the spark plug with manufacturer’s recommendation (which can be found in car manual book). If the spark plug is of the right kind and in good condition, your car may probably have another kind of problem.

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Pick the right and trusted auto repair shop for your Wuling car, so that any problem in your car can be handled thoroughly.

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