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Things You Should Consider Before Buying A New Car

13 November, 2019

Image Things You Should Consider Before Buying A New Car

Choosing and buying a new car is not an easy matter. Several things must be taken into account, starting from the price, capacity, and features in it. Don’t be careless when buying a car and then regret your decision later on. Of course, you want a strong and durable car that can last for years. Here are some things to consider before deciding which car to buy.

Conduct research

Mencari Informasi

The first thing you can do is conducting small research and gather as much information about the car you plan to buy. Visiting a car dealer directly without having complete information about the car may cause you confusion along the way.

You may also want to find out what your preferences are and adjust them to the car you’re going to purchase. Gathering enough information would help you make an efficient and well-informed decision at the car dealer. Create a list of what you need in a car, starting from the capacity, cabin space, safety and security features, engine, performance, and comfort. If you have all the information in the list, you’ll decide more easily on what to choose.

Purchase a car according to your budget

Beli Mobil Sesuai Budget

You might not want to purchase a car that’s beyond your financial capacity. Plan carefully so that the car you’re going to buy is one that fits your budget. Avoid the risk of being in debt due to purchasing one you can’t afford. It is recommended not to spend more than 25% of your income per month for a car.

Also, keep in mind that the cost of buying a car is not just the price, but you will also need to take into account other costs, including insurance and maintenance.

Find out about car installment information

Cek Cicilan Mobil

If you intend to buy a car on installment, find out detailed information about installment offered by various banks. Remember to also compare the interest rates between banks. Knowing this comparison in advance will help you make an informed decision when going to the car dealer.

Avoid impulsive decision

Jangan Asal Memilih Mobil

Take your time to figure out which car to buy. For instance, you might want to test drive before deciding to buy a certain type. Instead of only relying on information from the internet, you can also visit several car dealers and compare the prices they offer.

Learn about purchase packages offered by car dealers 

Ketahui Paket Pembelian yang Ditawarkan Dealer

Having information about various purchase packages offered by car dealers is quite important. You really don’t want to pay more for than what you get, for example, because don’t receive any bonuses, such as accessories or warranty of the car.

Wuling Family, those are some things you need to consider when you’re about to purchase a new car. Now, one of our latest cars that you might want to consider is the SUV car Wuling Almaz.

Almaz is offered in two options: the 5-seater and the 7-seater type. If you want a car with spaces for more people, you can opt for the 7-seater one. However, you can choose the 5-seater Almaz type if you intend to carry fewer passengers.

In addition to the capacity, Wuling also has an advanced feature, known as WIND (Wuling Indonesia Command). The WIND is a feature similar to voice commands but can be operated in the Indonesian language. This modern and sophisticated feature is the first kind to be available in cars sold in Indonesia.

The WIND feature guarantees convenience for drivers and passengers. It can help the driver to set the air conditioner, open windows, and getting other commands carried out through verbal instructions and without having to bother to press any buttons.

Having the capacity that fits the preference of the Indonesian family, being embedded with modern and sophisticated features, and being sold at reasonable prices, Almaz cars are ensured to satisfy your daily commute needs. However, don’t forget to ensure you consider all the points mentioned above before making a final call to purchase a new car.

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