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Tips for Choosing Comfortable Family Car

13 November, 2017

Image Tips for Choosing Comfortable Family Car

Having a car is a dream of every family, moreover for family with little children. Parents generally won’t have the heart to take their little children to go places in an unfriendly weather of a hot day or a heavy rain. In Indonesia, multipurpose vehicle or MPV is the dream car of many families. Therefore, various kinds of MPV have been innovated with their own interesting features, from low-cost MPVs to the premium ones.

Indonesian people are still fond of MPV car in the last few decades. This type of car is on high demand in Indonesia because it can carry many passengers or a lot of luggage but still can move swiftly on a road full of cars. This car is indeed very suitable for the whole family, driving many automotive manufacturers to launch diverse brands in this multipurpose car segment.

When you plan to buy one, you certainly have a lot to think about. You better follow these tips for choosing family car, so you won’t get disappointed by the time you actually buy it. Still perplexed to make the right decision? These are the tips for choosing comfortable family car:

Safety features

In term of family matters, you surely want to always give the best. It also applies in using car. Make sure that your family car has reliable safety features. Ensure that the chosen MPV car has safety features like ABS (anti-lock braking system), EBD (electric brake force distribution) and also BA (brake assist). It’s better if the car is equipped with shock absorber feature for when the car experiences bumps.

Engine performance and fuel efficiency

The next important point in MPV car is engine performance. Make sure that the car has a smooth and comfortable acceleration when it shifts gears. Also consider about fuel efficiency to prevent wasteful consumption and excessive spending.

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Comfortableness in passenger cabin

When having a family trip, moreover in a long-distance one, you certainly want all family members to feel comfortable on the road. Make sure that the chosen MPV car has comfortable features in passenger seats, which include use of fine material of good quality.

Elegant design

In choosing an MPV for family car, both exterior and interior designs must meet the criteria because this matter will affect comfortableness when you’re driving the car. MPV car is designed in various shapes, which affect the dimension of the car. Make sure to choose MPV car that has modern and elegant design and yet comfortable for all family members.

Available after sales service

After sales service is the service offered from manufacturer to customers after sales transaction has been made as a form of quality insurance for the products it sells. The availability of after sales service is really helpful and makes you easier in getting some benefits, such as authorized service, original spare parts, and also insurance claim. Well-known car brands generally have more after sales service spots in many cities. This matter is important. In case you have problems with your car or experience something unpleasant, you can use a range of benefits that the manufacturer offers.

Estimate maintenance costs

You should also make comparison on maintenance costs between the car you like and other cars of similar type. Basically, a car that uses complex technology requires big maintenance costs. Prices for its spare parts are also more expensive. You certainly do not want to spend more expenses on car features that you will rarely use. Before choosing a car, it’s better for you to have prior estimation on maintenance costs you’ll be paying in the future.

Consider about selling price

Cars with almost the same buying prices can have different selling prices. This happens because there are differences in the level of demand for used cars. Based on law of supply and demand, used cars that are in high demand have high selling prices. Therefore, when you’re going to choose a car, you should also consider about its selling price. Perhaps someday you’ll get bored with the car, or something urgent forces you to sell the car. In such cases, you won’t get difficulties to sell your used car if such car is in high demand.

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Affordable price

Car price must surely meet available budget. Many MPV cars in Indonesia are offered with competitive prices. Make a well consideration about benefits and the offered price. If the price is worth it with all the comfortableness, efficient fuel, and low-cost maintenance, then that MPV can be the car of your choice.

Hopefully those tips can help you with deciding the right MPV for your family, so you won’t choose improperly.

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