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Tips on Using Roof Rack on Your Car

14 July, 2018

Image Tips on Using Roof Rack on Your Car

At certain times such as during your kids’ holidays, there are always exciting things to do with the family. For example, go to Puncak to enjoy the fresh air of the mountains, or to the beach to play with water and sunbathe. Often times, we deliberately choose a remote location to stay overnight for a few days. In order to make this holiday and stayingexperience be well-managed, you must ensure that all luggage is neatly arranged while each passenger can sit comfortably. However, what happens if there is an excess of luggage?

Luckily with the Wuling car, you can outsmart it by putting the luggage on the roof of the car. But,how? Follow the two steps below:

•  Arrange luggage

Calculate the number of people who will take part in the holiday this time, and give each of them the responsibility to put together clothes and items that need to be taken. Of course, you have to help and teach children to pack their bags.

When all bags, suitcases, and boxes of food ingredients are ready, arrange each baggage in the trunk of your Wuling vehicle. If there are still items left because there are too many, and at the same time all the seats have been filled with passengers, then it’s time for you to use the pre-installed facility of roof rail on your Wuling car.

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•  Choose roof rack material

There are two types of roof rack material that you can choose on the market; steel and aluminum. This selection is closely related to its quality and strength in holding the load you carry. If you only need to carry a little and not too heavy stuff like clothes or plastic items such as buckets, or hard styrofoam-like surfboards, you can still use aluminum roof racks. However, if you carry more items then you should use a shelf made of steel, so it doesn’t break because it’s too heavy. Make sure your item does not exceed the proper capacity.

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When all items have been neatly arranged on a roof rack, wrap them with tarpaulin and neatly tie using raffia strings or rope to make them stronger. If you intend to pile them up, make sure the bigger stuff is put on the lowest stack and the smallest on top. However, in general you also have to realize that with the stack of goods on the roof of your car, you have to be less careful when driving.

Drive comfortably and safely. Cheers and Drive For A Better Life!

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