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Understanding A CVT Transmission

1 March, 2021

Image Understanding A CVT Transmission

A Continous Variable Transmission, best known as a CVT, is often found in modern automatic cars. A CVT is usually embedded in many cars marketed in Indonesia, ranging from the affordable to the more expensive ones.

How Does A CVT Work?

A CVT uses a pair of pulleys connected by a belt or steel belt that can change sizes from small to large, and move left or right according to engine movement and car speed. The change in the two pulleys subsequently changes the belt diameter, which is the gear ration in a CVT.

Generally, this gear ratio works in a CVT to allow a continuous movement of the gearshift, so there are no pause and pound in each shift. The use of CVT can make gear-shifting feel very smooth if not unnoticed at all. If you were to compare it to that of driving a conventional automatic transmission car, changing this gear would cause your head to move slightly forward instead.

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The Pros of Using A CVT

A CVT has a lighter weight and is more compact compared to a conventional automatic transmission. As weight also affects the fuel consumption of cars, the use of a CVT is, thereby, considered to be more efficient.

Cars with CVTs are programmed to be able to maintain engine speed and, thereby, produce optimal power. This is very useful in some situations, such as during overtaking. No wonder, then, many Indonesian car manufacturers choose to embed CVT transmissions in their products. Wuling has been no exception, as you can find CVT transmissions in Wuling Cortez CT.

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CVT Transmissions in Wuling Cortez CT

A 6-speed CVT transmission embedded in Wuling Cortez CT is integrated with a turbo engine and excellent security system, resulting in not only a comfortable but also safe driving.

In regards to driving safety support devices, Wuling equips Cortez CT with Traction Control System (TCS), Electronic Stability Control (ESC), Emergency Stop Signal (ESS), Hill Hold Control (HHC), Tire Pressure Monitoring System (TPMS), ISOFIX, Automatic Vehicle Holding (AVH), Electric Parking Brake (EPB), ABS, EBD, and BA deceleration systems, as well as front and side airbags.

Now that you are aware of how it works, you can agree that a CVT plays an important role in ensuring comfortable driving, don’t you?

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