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Want To Keep Your Car Shiny?

22 November, 2017

Image Want To Keep Your Car Shiny?

Probably you’ve often seen cars of relatively short vehicle age, but unfortunately with car’s paint that looked dingy or less shiny. It may seem awfully trivial, but the dingy look has made the cars unattractive. Using your car continuously and making it exposed to sunlight, rain and dust will make it look dingy. Want some tips to make your car always look new?

Wash your car thoroughly with car shampoo

It’s advisable to wash your car regularly about once a week. When your car looks a bit dirty, it’s better to just wash it immediately because if you constantly leave some dirt unwashed, eventually it will be hard to get rid of and might even damage car’s paint too.

Don’t park your car with high temperature for too long

Don’t park your car in a hot place too often. Parking your car in hot places frequently can damage car body’s paint, that is because of unabsorbed sunlight. It gets even worse since car body contains zinc material that will cause car body’s temperature higher.

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Don’t Covering car when the car is wet

Don’t make a habit of covering your car with a car cover when the car is wet because it will cause humid air under the cover. It’s advisable to wipe your car clean before covering it with car cover to keep car’s paint last longer and shiny.

Protect your car during night parking

If you park your car in a garage at night, it’s better to protect it with car cover. This will prevent car’s paint from fading away in the long run due to being covered in morning dew and protect your car from getting scratches from hard objects.

Wipe your car with soft cloth

It’s advisable to wipe your car using soft fabric. This can prevent car’s paint from fading away and scratches.

There are three kinds of cloth usually used to wipe a car’s surface:

  • Chamois cloth

    Many people commonly call it kanebo. This kanebo cloth is able to absorb more water than usual fabric. This cloth is usually used when drying a car. Chamois cloth is advisable to be used during dirt removing phase after a car is showered with water entirely. Remove dirt using chamois cloth and combined it with gentle spray of water.

  • Microfiber cloth

    It’s a cloth with micro holes and yarn spaces in the form of hook. It functions mainly to remove remaining water stain on car body. Therefore, this cloth is advisable to be used after washing process. Microfiber cloth can be used for finishing after the car is dry.

  • Wash Mitt

    This kind of cloth is a developed from chamois and microfiber clothes, which can be used to wash car just like chamois cloth. It is shaped like a pouch that the hand fits in with soft sponge inside. Wash mitt cannot be used for drying, only for cleaning.

Make your time at least once a week to wash your Wuling car. You will surely feel satisfied and pleased when you see your car looks shiny like a brand new one, won’t you?

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