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What Is The Strut Bar Function In a Car?

21 October, 2021

Image What Is The Strut Bar Function In a Car?

A car is composed of various elements, one of them being a strut bar. Basically, the strut bar is not very popular and its existence is often ruled out, so many people do not even know about this element.

To find the strut bar in the car is very easy and can be found even by beginners. By knowing its location, then you can take good care of it and can maximize its use.

Strut Bar at a Glance

Sekilas Tentang Strut Bar

Strut bars are elements that can only be found on certain types of cars. They are made of iron or metal rods that connect parts of the body or chassis of the car on the left and right. Basically, each part connects to one or more points.

The strut bar is intentionally installed to connect the right and left sides of the strut tower to become the mounting point of a shockbreaker to the car chassis. The presence of a strut bar certainly helps stabilize the condition of the car.

Strut Bar Functions On Cars

Fungsi Strut Bar Pada Mobil

The strut bar serves to add rigidity to the car suspension so when the car is taking a turn there will be pressure on the road surface. The strut bar will maintain pressure on both sides of the car so that it becomes more balanced.

When the pressure on the car runs more balanced, the car can take a turn in a more optimal and stable manner.  Not only that, but the strut bar can also reduce body rolls that can occur in cars.

In general, body roll or unsteadiness is a condition in which the car is off the course or thrown. Body roll usually occurs when the car is at high speed. With the strut bar, the condition of the car can be more stable.

The installation of the strut bar is very dependent on the intended use of the car. If the car is often used at high speed and to cross the freeway or expressway, the installation of a strut bar is highly recommended.

The presence of a strut bar will make the car more stable when driving and the car will also be easier to control. If the car is used more often on congested urban streets, then the installation of a strut bar is not recommended.

Installation of the strut bar can also be done by looking at the type of car. At least there are several types of cars with not so good handling quality, so it is necessary to add the installation of a strut bar to improve the quality of car handling.

The type of car that already has a high roof MPB is very adequate, so there is no need to add another strut bar because it can reduce the level of comfort in driving.

How To Choose a Strut Bar

Cara Pemilihan Strut Bar

There are many sellers of car spare parts in Indonesia, both online and offline. With so many options to choose from, you can choose the strut bar component that fits your needs and budget.

Now, it is also easier for you to buy car components from abroad. There are lots of Marketplaces or sales websites from abroad that you can use to get the best car components

Strut bar sellers are not only from big and well-known brands, but many also provide custom strut bars at lower prices. In terms of quality, of course, strut bars from official manufacturers are superior.

For custom types of strut bars, the design is usually a very important aspect. Basically, an improper strut bar design will cause other car components to be damaged during the installation process.

Not only a matter of design, but you also need to pay attention to the quality of the material of the strut bar. If the strut bar is made of low-quality material, it will have a bad impact on the condition of the car. Until now, strut bars made of aluminum have become the superior type and are widely circulated in the market.

Is it OK to Remove a Built-in Car Strut Bar?

Apakah Boleh Melepaskan Strut Bar Mobil Bawaan?

Removing the strut bar is fine, but not recommended. The car manufacturer must have made a car with a high level of comfort and the installation of the strut bar must be done with careful consideration.

If you remove the default or standard strut bar, then the quality of the car’s handling will decrease drastically and will make driving safety decrease when you drive at high speed.

When the strut bar is removed, make sure the car is not driven at high speed and is not turning aggressively. However, for good safety standards, removal of the built-in strut bar should not be performed.

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