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Wheel Modification: Understanding Standards Before Fulfilling Desires

23 February, 2018

Image Wheel Modification: Understanding Standards Before Fulfilling Desires

When modification becomes a hobby, so many things a car-lover can explore with. Starting from coating the hood with doff finishing with the purpose of protecting the original paint layer, replacing the exhaust pipe, to remodeling the car’s sound system with the fanciest version.  But, the most important part is actually the wheels. Although the engine and overall performance of the car is steady, but the wheels play an important role in maintaining the stability of the car when being driven. Wuling Families need good quality tires and rubber grip when driving on the road.

When buying a car from a dealer, of course, the manufacturer has done certain calculations and considerations so that every detail of the car is working in such a way that supports the overall performance of the car; from car paint, engines, footings, down to the wheels. But sometimes the hobby of exploring auto parts makes one’s hand so ‘itchy’ to explore and adjust to his taste.

When it was first launched, Wuling equipped the Confero S series with the Champiro Eco 195/60 R15 type tires produced by the local manufacturer, GT Radial from PT Gajah Tunggal, Tbk. In GIIAS 2017, a month after its official launch, Confero S was presented with a trendier look. Confero S Sport Family Van at the time was equipped with 2 pairs of Toyo DRB tires 205/55/16 and was made more attractive with Work Emotion CR rims 16 inches.

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You can see that the tires from the manufacturer only differ slightly in terms of width, load index, and the diameter of the tire/rim compared to the modified version. So, it can be concluded the results of this modification is still fairly within the safe threshold to withstand the load of the car and the power of the grip when moving.

While on the Cortez, the specification of the tire is 205/55/R16, slightly larger than its ‘elder brother’. For those who like the appearance of large wheels, then being expressive with Cortez can be an option. However, before you immediately make a transaction make sure that the tire you want to buy has an AA rating or a minimum of A. Given the natural conditions of Indonesia, which only consists of summer and rainy seasons, then the choice of tires is not too difficult compared to when living in a snowy lands. Always ask a trusted tire dealer to help you choose the right tires for your Cortez or Confero.

Another purpose of modification is for refreshment. Sometimes we love our car too much that we’d make it look refreshing in appearance rather than selling it. Given the rather large size of the car tire and not as easy to be patched as it is for motorcycle tires, then always prepare 2 or at least 1 spare tire at the ready that are compatible with the other tires. One needs to also remember that normally, every month, the tire pressure will be reduced by 1 psi, so always make sure the safety of driving by checking the pressure of each tire before driving.

Well, one advantage purchasing Wuling is that Wuling Families can directly access the tire pressure information through the MID layer behind the steering wheel through the benefit of TPMS or Tire Pressure Monitoring System feature. For more in-depth information on tire maintenance, read further in this article. Isn’t it a relief to know how comfortable it is using Wuling? Send a hug to Wuling Families at home and always make life better!

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