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Why You Should Choose Mpv Car?

20 June, 2017

Image Why You Should Choose Mpv Car?

Each person has different reasons in deciding what kind of car to buy. The many car brands, types, sizes, and models there are in the market today provide consumers with more choices. However, having more options tends to create difficulties in choosing the perfect, suitable car. Consumers must have careful thought and thorough considerations before making any decision.

7 Types of Car

Cars are classified into seven types based on model, namely:

  1. Convertible

It’s a car with retractable roof. There two categories: soft-top convertible (with roof made of canvas) and hardtop convertible (with roof made of plastic or steel).

  1. Coupe

A car with roofline slopes continuously down at the back.

  1. Hatchback

It’s a car that merges passenger cabin with baggage space.

  1. Sedan

Usually named saloon car too. Passenger cabin and trunk in this car are separated.

  1. SUV (Sport Utility Vehicle)

SUV is designed to be able to hit both ordinary roads and off-road area. This type can carry many passengers and a lot of baggage. That’s why SUV is usually quite large in size.

  1. MPV (Multi-Purpose Vehicle)

An MPV car has broader dimension than sedan, but has comfortableness like one. With large dimension, MPV is capable to carry up to 7 passengers.

     7.Station wagon

A station wagon has a base that resembles a sedan, but with longer dimension. That’s because the back part of a station wagon is lengthened to reach its trunk, so that passenger cabin and cargo space are united.As intended by its name, an MPV car provides many advantages. No wonder it has become a favourite choice. Almost all car brands release a car of this type.

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Why People Choose MPV Cars?

Here are some reasons why many people choose MPV cars:

  1. Capacity

Most of Indonesian people loves MPV car because of its flexible cabin, and that the car is suitable for the culture of Indonesian people who love to get together in large number. Family ties and togetherness in Indonesia are still valued high. Many Indonesians have a lot of family members. Therefore, MPV car is suitable for Indonesian culture. MPV car that comes in large size can carry more people up to 8 passengers. It’s more spacious compared to a sedan that can only take a maximum of 5 passengers.

  1. Flood-resistant

MPV car has a relatively high ground clearance, which is considered suitable for the contour of the roads in Indonesia that is highly unstable. Many roads in Indonesia are not flat. They’re wavy or even have holes on them. It’s easier to pass through such roads using car with high ground clearance, compared to using a sedan or hatchback.

  1. Tough

An MPV car can explore various conditions, such as during flood or when the roads are damaged due to small calamity. It also has more capacity for baggage.

  1. High selling price

High demand on MPV cars has led to high selling price, even for used MPV cars. For that reason, it’s easy to resale this type of car, without having to worry about significant car depreciation.

  1. Business opportunity

MVP cars are good for business. Many of the mushrooming car rentals use MPV cars. Car renters generally choose MPV car because of its large capacity compared to sedan. This has caused high demand on MPV car rentals in society. The demand is getting higher with the developing online taxi business nowadays.

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Have you decided to choose MPV as your favourite? Or perhaps you prefer other choice?

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