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4 Advantages of Having a Car with Captain Seats

15 November, 2019

Image 4 Advantages of Having a Car with Captain Seats

Cars with three-line seats that are able to carry seven passengers are becoming more and more popular these days, especially in Indonesia. Why this type of cars catch Indonesian people’s attention is because indeed, it has the capacity to transport more people and/or goods.

Despite the popularity, however, cars with three-row chairs and 7 passenger capacity might have different seating configurations. Some car manufacturers offer second-row captain seats to ensure more comfort. Below we will discuss why cars with captain seats are argued to be one of the best in the market.

Spacious cabin

Spacious Cabin

One of the advantages of having a car with captain seats is a spacious cabin. Cars with second-row captain seats provide more empty room in the middle. This is a distinct advantage for the driver and passengers to access the third-row seats.

Passengers who want to sit in the third-row now don’t have to bother folding the second-row seats, thanks to the captain seat configuration. You can easily walk to the end of the car through an empty space in the middle part.

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Easy to move

Easy to Move

The captain seats are also easier to move. In this case, the passengers who sit in the second-row will get more room as desired. This is indeed very convenient, especially when you travel long-distance.

Convenience for children and the elderly

Convenience for children and the elderly

Third, captain seats are also suitable for all ages. If you bring your child, you don’t need to worry since you have more room in the car so that they are free to move around. Captain seats are also suitable to install a child’s seat on and are considered to be safer for this purpose. The spacious cabin due to captain seat arrangement would also be beneficial for the elderly since you can move them backward to provide more leg rooms and increase comfort.

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More comfort for your body and hand

More comfort for your body and hand

The armrest installed on the captain seats could add even more comfort for the passengers. Unlike the usual seats in a typical car, captain seats offer comfort for your hand to lean on the armrest without dangling. The seats could also be adjusted into a reclining position that is indeed more comfortable for the passengers.

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