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5 Causes of The Car Vibrating At High Speed

29 March, 2021

Image 5 Causes of The Car Vibrating At High Speed

Lots of people question the condition of a car that suddenly vibrates at high speed. The car becomes uncomfortable to drive, which makes drivers anxious and frightened.

A vibrating car usually results from a bad car condition. For experienced drivers, of course, a vibrating car is straightforward to analyze and find the cause, but it will be difficult for beginners, especially when driving at high speeds.

For beginners who experience their car vibrating unnaturally, the car’s condition must be repaired immediately, which prevents damage to other car components. A car that is quickly repaired will also prevent drivers from unwanted situations.

The car’s cause of vibration can indeed arise from various aspects, so the analysis must be done correctly. The following are reasons a car vibrating when driving at high speed, especially for beginners.

1. Tires


Tires are one of the causes of cars vibrate when driven at high speeds. Tires do have a significant role in a vehicle, be it four wheels or two wheels. With tires, the car can run smoothly on the road.

If there is a problem with the tires, it will significantly affect the speed of the vehicle. Bare tires usually make the car difficult to break or slippery, and when the tire is flat, it will cause vibrations in the car.

Vibrations in the car can also be caused by the tires’ unbalanced position, such as car tires that are too small or not up to standard. The amount of air in the tires must be evenly distributed so that the car can move straight without shaking.

Tire rotation that is not aligned will make the balance of the car disturbed and shaky. Vibration not only makes the car uncomfortable to use, but the car is also hazardous when forced to keep going.

The different air pressure of the car tires will also make the shock breaker heavier, and if left for a long time, the damage will spread to the steering wheel.

When you feel the car experiencing a vibration, you should immediately come to the tire filling station. If the tires are left underinflated for a long time, the tire resistance will be reduced, and the tire will have the potential to pop.

2. Machines


The engine is also one of the car’s causes to vibrate when used at speed or high speed. If the engine part of the car does not get adequate fuel intake and is left alone, it will cause damage or problems to the electrical components.

The engine also will not be able to work optimally. If the car clutch is used up and the car’s settings are not good or precise, it will affect the engine’s performance. The car will experience vibrations when driven at high speed if the engine is underperforming.

To solve engine problems, you can check the fuel supply section or check the gasoline filter section. You also have to check other engine components such as gasoline filters and spark plugs.

If you find a dirty gasoline filter or spark plug, clean it immediately. Gasoline filters and dirty spark plugs can clog, so that engine performance is not optimal. It’s a good idea to carry out routine maintenance and replace machine components regularly following the manufacturer’s recommendations.

3. Shockbreaker


A vibrating car can also be caused by suboptimal performance. The shock breaker helps reduce and dampen the vibrations that arise when the car is driving so that the shock breaker can cause the vehicle to vibrate.

If the shockbreaker is in a damaged condition, it will automatically cause a car’s vibration. Situations like this must be resolved quickly so that the car can go to the maximum again and the car is more comfortable to use at high speed.

The vibration will generally appear when the car is used at high speed. If the vibration occurs when the car is used at a low speed, this signifies that the shock breaker is badly damaged and must be replaced or repaired immediately.

You can also replace the old shockbreaker with a new one so that the car’s performance returns to optimal. With the new shockbreaker, the car’s vibrations will disappear, and you will be more comfortable driving.

4. Brakes


A problem with the car brakes can also cause a vibrating car, and it is easy to detect it. You drive the car at high speed and step on the car brakes to see the brake disc’s problem.

If the disc is physically imperfect and almost exhausted, it will reduce the braking force and cause a vibration when the brake is applied. Brake discs like this should be replaced with new ones.

You can replace your car brake discs in authorized repair shops or roadside workshops because many regular workshops can repair brake discs well. However, stock brake discs are often challenging to find in traditional workshops.

Not only the disc, but you also have to pay attention to or check the brake pads because the canvases can also cause the car to vibrate when you brake. If the brake pads are in bad condition, the car will not be able to brake optimally.

The braking system in a car has a significant role because it is a safety component in driving. If you see a problem with the brakes of the car, then fix it immediately.

5. Axles

As Roda

The vibration of a car while driving can also be caused by axles that are in bad condition or damaged. The axle can be damaged quickly by having an accident, mainly if the accident is classified as severe.

Broken axles will indeed make the wheels unstable and will cause vibrations in the car. When the car is used at high speed, vibrations will be felt. The axle can also be damaged if the car is too overloaded.

The axle is one of the essential components in a car because it is at the bottom of the car. If the axle is damaged, it will significantly affect the stability of the car.

When you have detected damage to the axle, you must immediately bring the car to the repair shop and immediately repair it. In fixing the axle, of course, you have to prepare quite a lot of money. The axle does have a firm texture so that it won’t be damaged easily, and most of the damage is due to fatal accidents.

By using Wuling, you don’t need to worry anymore because Wuling has WISE technology (Wuling Interconnected Smart Ecosystem), which is Wuling latest innovation, allowing you to connect with your car via Internet Car to provide maximum safety and comfort.

In this technology, there is an Advanced Driver Assistance System (ADAS) feature that features an Adaptive Cruise Control (ACC) and Collision Mitigation System (CMS) system. ACC will automatically adjust the cruising speed to the vehicle’s speed in front of you while maintaining a safe distance. Simultaneously, the CMS maximizes speed reduction if a collision persists due to high speed or is too sudden, reducing the severity of the injury or car damage due to crash.

That is a complete discussion regarding the causes of the car vibrating when driving at high speed, and hopefully, this will be useful for the Wuling Family.

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