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5 Important Necessities for Moms Traveling with Kids

4 December, 2019

Image 5 Important Necessities for Moms Traveling with Kids

Traveling with kids by car can be a fun thing to do. However, if moms have to drive by herself and watch the kid at the same time, this can be quite challenging since she also has to carry the kids’ needs but the chance is not everything will fit in the car. At least there are some essential stuffs, however, that have to be ready in the car when traveling with kids so that the drive won’t feel chaotic and rather enjoyable. Check these tips below.

Kids’ Necessities Bag

Tas Perlengkapan Anak

A bag filled with kids’ needs is one essential thing that must not be forgotten when moms travel with kids. You can store all kid’s necessities, from diapers, milk bottles, spare clothes, and other necessities. This bag can be stored inside the car and should not be moved so that when you travel, just fill it in and you don’t need to worry about leaving anything important at home.

This necessities bag can also be filled with snacks that can help your kids when hungry during the drive. Don’t forget to bring plenty of water too when traveling with children. This is to prevent them from becoming dehydrated during the trip.

Seat Covers

Pelindung Jok Tempat Duduk

The car seat protector is also necessary when you’re having a long trip with kids. Everyone knows that kids’ eating and drinking habits can be messy at times, therefore leaving the seats dirty due to food scraps or spilled drinks.

We recommend choosing materials that are easy to clean, such as leather, as a protector of your car seat. Protecting the car seat is also one way to keep the car clean.

First-Aid Box

Kotak P3K

Don’t forget to provide a first-aid kit in the car. You might need it when unwanted things happen. For example, if your kid is suddenly injured by a toy, you can immediately treat it.

Power Outlet 

Power Outlet

Power sources such as a power bank become something necessary to take during mom-kid trips. Try to have additional energy not only for charging mobile phones, but also laptops, DVD players, and coolers. Nowadays, varying types of cars are equipped with power outlets such as Wuling Cortez. Wuling provides three power outlets up to the third row, so you don’t need to worry about running out of battering during your trip.

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Bring Garbage Bags

Membawa Kantong Sampah

The garbage bags are very useful for moms to carry, when traveling with kids. You can always be ready to keep your car clean from all the waste piled up in the car.

Carrying lots of luggage when traveling requires spacious car cabin space. You don’t need to worry, however, if you drive a Wuling Cortez. With a spacious cabin, you can carry your belongings in the cabin without worrying that your kids feel cramped sitting inside. Isofix feature is also installed, in which it helps moms to install car seat younger kids.

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