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6 Best Road Trip Destinations in Indonesia

17 February, 2020

Image 6 Best Road Trip Destinations in Indonesia

If you like to drive, road trip activities must be a fun thing to do since you can get to see beautiful views along the way. Contrary to popular belief, an exhilarating road trip can be enjoyed not only while you are abroad, but also within Indonesia. Several places in the country offer beautiful views for a road-trip. Below are 6 tourist destinations in Indonesia that can be your options.


Semarang is one of your best options for a road trip. It is home to historic buildings, such as Lawang Sewu, and the variety of cuisine, such as spring rolls. Also, there is now a highway that goes directly to the city so your journey is shortened.

Sumba Island

Many beautiful views are offered by Sumba Island. If you do a road trip in Sumba, your eyes will be spoiled with stunning scenery, from hills to beaches. The island, which is located in the province of East Nusa Tenggara also has good road access so your road trip will be an easy one.

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If you live nearby Jakarta but are reluctant to travel long distances, Cirebon is a city you can opt for a road trip. The highway that connects to Cirebon is well maintained while it also lets you soak in a view of mountains on the way. You also need to add culinary tours on your list while you are in the city as there are plenty of options for local specialties. Moreover, a variety of tourist destinations, such as a palace building (Keraton), is also worth to visit.


Sukabumi is also one of the places suitable for a road trip. It is also located quite close to the Greater Jakarta area. Tourist destinations such as the Ciletuh Geopark could be an option to visit if you do a road trip to Sukabumi. The winding road contour could be a nice challenge when you do this activity.


There is no doubt that Aceh has many stunning tourist destinations so it’s an amazing option for your road trip. Aceh’s roads are still relatively quiet, thus making your trip even more enjoyable.

Flores Island

Flores Island offers you breathtaking views. The wealth of natural tourism destinations in this place will surely be an unforgettable experience from your road trip. Driving from Labuan Bajo to Larantuka is one good option if you want to explore this island.

Those are some tourist destinations for a domestic road trip. To have a more refreshing trip, you may want to drive a comfortable and spacious car. In that case, you will not feel cramped, be able to carry lots of stuff, and also get a good rest you deserve during the long drive.

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