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6 Tips for Car Modifications

27 February, 2021

Image 6 Tips for Car Modifications

Car modification is a fun activity to do as you can build the car the way you want it. Car modification can be considered a hobby, but it can also become a profession.

Modified cars are loved by many in Indonesia. We also know that once a car is modified correctly, the price gets soared. This modification is an activity that is closely related to creativity so that the value of art in the car will be felt.

Modifications have become commonplace for professionals, but beginners might think modifying cars is something unfamiliar. It is common for beginners to have confusion and hesitation out of fear when thinking about modifying their favorite car.

For those of you who have an Almaz car, you don’t have to make full modifications, because Almaz already has a charming interior and exterior design and is suitable for everyday driving companions. However, if you still want to modify it, you can start with simple modifications to suit your driving style.

Here are modification tips that can be applied to your Almaz car to make it more stylish and elegant for you to drive.

1. Replace Tires and Wheels

Ganti Ban dan Velg

On the exterior, Almaz is equipped with elegant 17-inch alloy wheels. You can start the initial modification stage by replacing tires and wheels. Make sure you have prepared the wheels and tires as you wish. Remember to also have the tire size following the standard, so that the car can still run steadily.

While on the wheels, you can replace them with new wheels with a size of 17 inches according to the standard. An important point is to ensure that you use quality wheels so that the car looks even cooler.

2. Adjust Almaz’s Height

Ubah Posisi Tinggi Rendah Almaz

After successfully replacing tires with wheels, you can adjust the height of the car. You can raise or lower the car. But you must still pay attention to the safety factor. You should not replace the shockbreaker with non-standard aftermarket products. You can use different wheels or tire sizes to slightly raise or lower the car, but still, pay attention to the safety factor.

3. Give It A Different Look

Berikan Penampilan Berbeda

For those of you who are already professionals, changing the bumper and grille is a fun thing to do, because it produces its satisfaction. But if you’re a beginner and are still learning modification techniques, you can replace the plastic glass. Standard cars usually use clear black window film but to enhance the appearance of the car, you can replace the window film with a different level of darkness. You can also even use a different color.

4. Replace the Exhaust

Ganti Knalpot

Standard cars usually use a standard exhaust, whether it’s a matter of sound or a matter of quality. Modifications can be made by beginners by changing or replacing the old exhaust with a new one that has better quality. Make sure to use a car exhaust that matches the standard size, so that the car doesn’t waste gas. Even though your goal is to modify your car to suit your taste, you must still prioritize comfort and safety.

5. Change The Shift Knob

Ganti Shift Knob

To support the appearance of the car’s interior, you can replace the car’s standard shift knobs with new ones. Make sure you choose a unique shift knob that suits your driving style so that it makes the car’s interior attractive. The shift knob is a car item or accessories car that is very easy to get. The price is very affordable too.

6. Change Chair Cover

Ganti Sarung Kursi

If you want to get a different car look, you can replace the seats with new ones. Make sure to change all the seats, from front to back. You can pick the design you like, so you can be more comfortable in the car.

Wuling Family, Almaz comes with a sporty exterior and interior style. But there is nothing wrong with giving your favorite Wuling Almaz a different touch to make it more suitable for your everyday driving style. Keep in mind, however, that safety is always the most important thing whenever and whatever you do to your car, including modifications!

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