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6 Traveling Car Trips During Pandemic

28 August, 2021

Image 6 Traveling Car Trips During Pandemic

The Covid-19 pandemic is a hard time for everyone, especially those who want to travel. Traveling during a pandemic requires you to make extra preparations to ensure safety and comfort in place.

What should be prepared when going to travel by private car during a pandemic like now? Read more down below!

Always Use a Mask During Travel

Selalu Gunakan Masker Selama Perjalanan

Wearing a mask all the time during a pandemic is a must whether traveling alone or with family. However, if there are certain things that require you to open the mask, such as the following situations:

When the Mask Blocks the View

Apabila Masker Menghalangi Pandangan

Masks circulating in the market have different sizes and shapes, so not all masks can be suitable for each user’s face. Or it could be the movement while driving that hinders your sight clarity.  In this condition, you can remove or adjust the mask for a moment but still apply the correct health protocol.

When the Driver Wears Glasses

Apabila Masker Menghalangi Pandangan

The main obstacle for wearing masks with glasses is fog due to air rising from the nose into the glasses. Wiping glasses too often can interfere with driving safety. In this condition, you can take off your mask for a moment while driving alone and don’t come into contact with anyone for a short time.

Always Maintain Hand Hygiene

Selalu Menjaga Kebersihan Tangan

In addition to masks, hand sanitizer is an item that must always be carried when traveling during this pandemic. You have to maintain hand hygiene all the time because you don’t know whether and when you touch or hold stuff contaminated with the virus. Therefore, it is mandatory for you to use hand sanitizer when traveling.

Avoid Touching Surfaces In Public Areas

Hindari Menyentuh Permukaan di Area Umum

You must really pay attention to this, avoid making contact with surfaces in public areas for both you and your family. Especially on door frames, handles, windows, other people’s vehicle parts, and other parts that are touched a lot in public areas. In addition, try to avoid offers from other people such as water and food. Even if you need it, try to buy it from a clean minimarket.

Use Cashless Payment

Gunakan Pembayaran Cashless

Various cashless payment options are available nowadays. You can use a variety of digital wallet options or use card payments, either credit cards, ATMs, or e-toll cards. In addition to reducing risk, there are often promos that you can take advantage of.

Try To Stop As Little As Possible

Usahakan Berhenti Sedikit Mungkin

When driving, try to stop as little as possible. This is meant to reduce contact with other people in common areas. Always have a spare mask, wet wipes, hand sanitizer, and disinfectant in your car. In addition, also prepare food supplies and drinking water to reduce car stops for things that are less necessary.

However, if you are tired or sleepy, don’t push yourself too hard as you can stop at the rest area. You and your family can also take advantage of this time off to wash your hands for 20 seconds with running water.

You don’t need to worry when you travel during a pandemic by a New Confero car that has been added with a Double Blower, because it has a spacious cabin and seating position that allows passengers not to sit too close to each other. In addition, this New Confero also has lots of storages space for all your needs, such as to store health kits or food and drink supplies during your trip.

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