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7 Must-Have Items To Carry in The Car

6 February, 2020

Image 7 Must-Have Items To Carry in The Car

It is common for some people to carry things permanently in their car. However, those may not be necessary stuff that could be useful when something happens, instead, it could only add weight to the car and thus waste gas. The following are some must-have items that will be helpful when an emergency happens.

Spare Tire

Spare Tire

According to Law No. 22 of 2009 concerning Traffic and Road Transportation, spare tire used to be a mandatory item to carry in the car. However, now that the Run Flat Tire technology has become available, the government allows cars not to carry spare tires anymore.

That being said, it’s always better to be safe than sorry. Thus, you may want to keep storing a spare tire in your car. Nobody wants their car’s tire broken on the road. That’s why you may want to anticipate this condition by carrying one. Don’t forget to complete the spare tire with the jack. This will be helpful in conditions where the tire leaks or bursts, so you don’t need to waste your time and can continue your driving right away.

Jumper Cable

Jumper Cable

Experiencing a dead car battery may not be something new for a lot of people. Hence, a jumper cable might be one solution. With this equipment, you can turn on your dead battery so your car can be running back again to the nearest service station to get a battery replacement.

Portable compressors can help you when your car’s tires are lacking air pressure and there is no service station nearby. In this case, you can inflate air until the car is up and running again. Afterward, you can visit a service station to have them check whether there is a leak or just a mere lack of air pressure.

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Card Manual

Car Service Card

Each manufacturer provides it’s cars with a user manual that contains all information concerning the functions and use of features of the car. Needless to say, this guidebook is useful or even more so when an unexpected situation arises, you will know what to do. Therefore, you might want to have it ready in the car.

Car Service Card

This one is also important, for instance, if something unexpected happens to your car on the road and forces the car to be towed. In that case, a car service card containing the service shop’s telephone number will come in handy. You can also store it together with your insurance information inside the car compartment.

First Aid Kit

First Aid Kit

Never remove the first aid kit from the car. It’s suggested to fill the first aid kit with complete contents, such as bandages, lights, multipurpose equipment, lighters, candles, instant food, water, seat belt cutters, glass breakers, reflective triangles, and blankets. These pieces of items will help you during an emergency.

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Additional Equipment

In addition to the previous equipment, you can also liven up your car with additional items, such as tissue, towels, paper, pencils, umbrellas, spare money, multipurpose bags, change clothes and USB cables.

To be able to carry those essentials, indeed, you need some cabin space. However, you don’t need to worry if you drive Wuling Confero. You can easily slide all those items into your Wuling Confero without worrying about having to cramp the cabin space.

The spacious cabin of Wuling Confero allows you to store all your essentials in the available compartments and baggage. It could even be better since nowadays you can purchase additional containers that can be hung or tucked at the edge of the chairs. Your cabin car will be even neater, won’t it?

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